WhatsApp regulation by Communication Authority is going to raise lots of questions

Kenya’s telecommunication regulator is looking into regulating OTT services such as WhatsApp and Skype. They are currently in search of a consultant to study how these services could be regulated. It will be interesting to see since WhatsApp does end-to-end encrypting and you should be worried especially when the government asks the messaging service to hand over its data. The authority argues that OTT services use the telcom service provides have to reach this customers and are not subjected to any regulatory laws. Privacy violation issues are definitely going to be raised when this goes live. What are your two cents on this?

the legislation always takes time to catch up with technology.The OTT services are rapidly evolving and they do need local regulation but it has to be objective and progressive otherwise it will hurt innovation and service delivery.

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Why do they need to be regulated?

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With E2E encryption, Whatsapp won’t have anything useful to give to the government.

Kenya will have to go full-blown China to mandate E2E encryption removal. By then, no single service will be offered in Kenya.

The Kenyan market is too small. No tech company CEO will lose sleep over it.

Regulations does not always mean bad.

If the regulations are there to protect citizens from being exploited, it is a good thing.

But how to ensure these regulations are actually for the benefit of Wanjiku and not some fat cats