Whatsapp on Blackberry

So by the end of this year Blackberry OS will no longer support WhatsApp or rather will be obsolete for WhatsApp. Interestingly Blackberry once commanded over 70% market share of the mobile phone market but now its at 1% and dimming. WhatsApp has over 900 million users and I don’t know any single person that wants to be left out of WhatsApp If Blackberry is really fighting to stay afloat we should have seen efforts towards solving this already Else, we all need say bye to Blackberry. On 1,2,3…:slight_smile:

Didn’t we already do that like 3 years ago?

But they have BBM, why would they care if WhatsApp is there or not?

Blackberry has always bragged of having more loyal BBM Messenger users than WhasApp users but still BBM users stood at 190 million in 2015. WhatsApp is at 900 million. Figures don’t lie. Tyranny ya numbers.

This is like the very final one…the one reserved for the deathbed :grinning:

Correction: WhatsApp is now at the big B. 1 billion MAUs!

BBM is essentially dead. It’s great (secure) and all (it just started doing mobile payments) but there comes a time…