WhatsApp Android app beta program finally comes to the Google Play Store

Previously, if you wanted to be on the bleeding edge of whatever WhatsApp’s famous 57 engineers were cooking and laying your hands on it before everyone else then WhatsApp’s own website was your only destination of choice. Or third-party portals like APK Mirror. Not anymore. You can now join the WhatsApp beta program and have the latest beta releases pushed to you through the Play Store just as it is the case with most other Android apps. Unlike other Android apps though, WhatsApp doesn’t require one to join a beta testing Google+ group before being allowed access to the beta releases. Just follow this link and you’re good to go. WhatsApp has previously used its beta testing program to test key features of the service like new design, new emojis, voice calling, rich links/link previews, chat starring/favouriting, Google Drive backups and more so it is definitely worth a look. You might be among the first to get WhatsApp video calling when it gets off the internal testbed.