What's your music service of choice?

Separate from this topic on Music Player app of choice (What is your best music player app: ), what music service are you loyal to?

I’ve tried Spotify, liked it, but I’ve recently found myself sticking with Mixcloud app for the curated DJ mixes that are themed. I especially like the EDM mixes, what are upvoted for, so discovery is quite easy. Plus I prefer DJ mixes because there is no pause in-between music, you enjoy endlessly. What’s your fix?

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I have tried three; Deezer, Spotify and Soundcloud. Loved Spotify because of how fast it gets new tracks in its library as well as the dynamism of its Discover algorithms. In fact, it is how I discovered Desiigner’s Panda long before it rose to prominence. Deezer is equally awesome, save for it missing a few titles. However, it has variety of reggae, including all albums of Glen Washington (which I couldn’t find in Spotify, coincidentally). Soundcloud, on the other hand, gains ground in simplicity with regards to how any other artist can put his/her music in there.

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Thanks for this one i’m loving Mixcloud app already. Was getting tired of music saved on my phone i also like listening to dj mixes, single tracks just don’t do that well for me.

I actually don’t have music saved on my phone at all. With Wi-Fi in the office, and home, and good data prices, I don’t expect to use the quite scarce internal storage on entertainment media.

I use mixcloud and soundcloud. Nowadays i stream most of my media including movies.

I love the audio files saved in my phone. They are not plenty but it is difficult getting over them. My love for offline music is also motivated by pricey WiFi packages in my neck of the woods; even fibre is an alien concept here, and I would never stream music with my mobile data.
A quick look at Mixcloud leans on it being more of a radio-streaming service rather than a focused music streaming service, which is a good thing. However, I have never liked mixes because if the bad blood between me and DJs who conditioned me into hating them for their relentless shouting and switching tracks before they hit a climax.

I use Spotify,Soundcloud,itunes and Mixcloud…Soundcloud and itunes do great for my favourite local podcasts while Spotify works great for music streaming,Mixcloud and soundcloud work great for DJ Mixes esp EDM…when all else fails i just go to Youtube and get some mp3 files for offline listening.

Spotify is my favourite music player

Quick question, I have a healthy and growing collection of music collected over the years, from when we used bluetooth and infrared to share files, to usb sticks and now hard drives, it’s about 50GB, now is there a way I can upload and access the collection online? It’s for personal collection only.

I just discovered YouTube Music from vanced…

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in an earlier time i would have recommended you get a google play music account and upload coz they were offering upto 30,000 songs but now they have deprecated the app and its about to shut down soon.I suggest you use Plex,it might mean setting up a local server and home and linking it online with a plex account,but that way you will always have access to your music wherever you go,Plus i have seen plex have added some cool features on the music section like album artwork,album summaries and they scan and name the songs as well some media info,best thing is its easy to setup and Its all free