What's your experience with Safaricom 4G

Being a weekend I had to watch my team Arsenal play but wasn’t indoors to watch on TV because had travelled to Kisumu so decided to stream using my iPad air2 the 4G version to be exact. I wasn’t pleased with the network and the so called 4g Safaricom hypes I think it’s just a bundle loot dint see any difference as every time the network switched to 3g and bundle consumption being just too high. Its time for Safaricom to upgrade or put the right information abt their 4g network out there

While i was still on Safaricom (switched to Airtel) I found that the 4g did actually make quite a noticeable difference over 3g. I’m on an iPhone 5C. Maybe it’s become bad since i last used it, which was around beginning to mid this year. Oh and the bundle consumption for me was the same as 3g…battery went like crazy though.

Maybe where u were the network was okay :ok_hand: but for me it wasn’t pleasing I’ll stick to Airtel

The most expensive data switch in Kenya history, am use techo c9 and it keeps switching back to 4g.any alternative to retain 3g