What's Your Experience With Online Shopping in Kenya?

Anyone here ever used the online shopping portals(jumia and the likes) to purchase phone or computer devices? Do they deliver and can they be trusted with card payments?

There’s been different tales, so unless you can pick feedback from at least 5 people, not any one experience will be sufficient. My experience was okay, I purchased an Infinix smartphone and paid via Paypal. Delivery was free and on time, 3 days.

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I’ve bought enough stuff on Jumia, the experience (from ordering to delivery) is ok. The products I’ve bought though is a different story. I’ve bought clothes (cue the jokes), shoes, phones and a USB cable. Save for the USB cable which turned out to be a fake one, the rest were ok so you can’t go wrong with Jumia. I recently bought a phone on Kilimall. Again, they also deliver but the experiences vary. In this case, I was kept waiting for a while since they are yet to properly synchronise their systems with Posta which they use for delivery if you opt for not using a courier service. Long story short, they do deliver. That one is guaranteed. I’ve never used a card so I wouldn’t know about that. I’m an M-PESA warrior.


I have used jumia and Avechi and everything was fine note I was in Kisumu and the delivery was within stated timeline Avechi deliver within 24hrs jumia takes 3days or 2days depending on wat u order

I have used Jumia and Kilimall. Jumia delivered to me earphones as requested and I paid cash. The earphones turned out to be faulty and I returned them but because i threw away the packaging they refused to reimburse. I went ahead and bought another pair from them (since they were the only ones with it) and paid with M-pesa and it got delivered through Aramex. I bought a phone at cubot and they delivered as promised, I paid with M-pesa again. The bottom is that both Jumia and Kilimall deliver but card payments maybe try and give us feedback.

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thanks all,highly appreciate your help.

I have bought stuff with Jumia and they have delivered…payment options work quite well,from cash on delivery,mobile payments to cards

I’ve used Jumia several times paying with Mpesa and they always delivered between 1 and 2 days. I’ve also used kilimall and paid with Mpesa. They delivered my items to Eldoret in about 3 days. Once I ordered a watch and they sent a completely different one. I called them while at the courier’s offices and they gave me instructions on how to return the watch. Once they got it back, it took a few days and they told me the one I had ordered was no longer in stock. They told me to either buy another item of the same value or request a refund. I opted for the refund and they sent the money to my Mpesa the following day. I liked their customer service a lot.

I have also bought many items online worth more than 100k. Jumia and Kilimall are the same in terms of delivery time and experience. Jumia like calling and sending text messages to customers a lot but Kilimall just delivers and never calls, which is OK anyway. I caution readers against paying jumia via mpesa. I purchased an item and paid vi mpesa but the payment became invalid so i had to wait to reimbursement. It took me two weeks to get the money back and by that time, i had lost appetite for the item i wanted to purchase. The problem with jumia is that they use a third party payment provider called ipay who messes them with delays and the like. Avechi i think is the best because they deliver the same day. The quality of their items is good too. So this is my experience in summary: Jumia, pay on delivery; Kilimall, Textbookcenter, and avechi any payment method is good.

They have the Nokia 6 Arte Black already

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Maximum respect to them. I think the dudes behind the sites are aggressive like hell. I bought Xiaomi from the site and there is nowhere else you can get it. Even today, Jumia does not stock Xiaomi phones. I have nothing but respect for avechi. I am planning to discard the now aging phone i bought there and acquire a new one from the same site. I noticed they are now selling laptops and their range is so wide that makes shopping on jumia and Kilimall and boring.

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What’s with most kenyan online retailers selling, defective, fake, defective returns, repaired returns as new, delayed deliveries etc even by approved dealers, kwanza electronics I would never buy online, a guy just got a used washing machine after paying about 90k from a sole dealer, luckily he did not accept the delivery but I know the refund will take ages, i advice him to just visit their store and pick a emplacement himself.
Most Kenyans are getting screwed because we don’t leave comments on most of these sites and if any negative comments are left they are usually deleted, and if positive one are left you can tell they are fake.

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I bought a watch today with kilimall.Im waiting to see if it’s going to be delivered/the correct type and in good condition.Ill be here to share my experience since it’s my first time buying anything online.