What's happening at KCB?

In the past few days, there have been numerous complaints from KCB customers of money disappearing from their accounts or mysterious payments. This guy, Danfar, made a thread of the complains:

KCB has since responded, saying that they are aware of the issue and they are investigating the matter:

Is anyone here a KCB customer? Have you had any issues with your account?

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a few weeks ago I transferred money from my mpesa to KCB account… it took almost 24 hours kufika, and it was on weekday… Safaricom told me that their side was fine and it’s KCB who should sort out the issue. calling KCB they told me hakuna pesa kama hio wameona… they asked me for Mpesa transaction ID for them to solve the issue. But I thought it was a non-issue cuz, its KCB, right? But sijui if this is the issue others are encountering…

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Me: You can’t be robbed if you don’t know how much you had.

I have an account with them but I am not sure how much I had. I am trying to access my account statement right now to check if there were any recent transactions but the service is down.

How convenient.:blush:

I have a ka KCB-Mpesa loan., hoping it disappears the same way :pray:t4::smiley:


CRB won’t let that happen

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That’s on Safaricom platform, independent from KCB software.

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Dashing my hopes…, sigh :grinning: