What would you like to see in the ride hailing industry

We just launched this app called Caby, it is a ride hailing industry. It has taken us months to develop it. Unlike many apps in Kenya, especially in the ride hailing industry, we identified one of the main problems was buying ready made Apps. At the end of the day these apps are not built for the Kenyan market.
So We have developed Caby over months and we are still developing it.

Another problem we noticed was that the drivers feel hard done because of the high commission taken from them by these companies.
Again, we deliberate on this and decided to create two models; one is a commission system very much like the other companies, but at 10%. While the other is a daily fixed model where drivers pay us a standard rate daily and whatever income they get from the trips they keep. For example, if the daily fix is 200 shs. the driver will pay this and even if they take trips worth 4000, the 200 shs is the only money we take. This gives drivers flexibility and helps them earn more money.

Right now we want to create a better app for our customer base, the app is great (biased opinion :grinning:). But we would love to hear more from people who actually use cab apps and ride hailing apps.

So please feel free to try the Caby app and give us feedback, we would love to improve the app more for the Kenyan market.


Your commitment to build such an app from the ground up is very admirable. Personally, I try to support local tech as an end-user as much as I can. That said, the tech should work really well. For the most part, I see the app is well designed and has critical standard features such as ride scheduling and GPS tracking.

The other feature I would like to see is sharing of ride info with someone in your contacts. It helps with safety especially for women. Probably add an emergency/distress feature that alerts your team of a critical case such as kidnapping or theft. Overall, I think you have done really well with the app and it is refreshing to see this because some of the innovations shared here asking for support are usually barely innovative and barely functional products.

Lastly, on localizing the app, could you point out lines of thought you had while caring for local drivers? Did you ask them about their challenges besides costing models? Maybe an option to charge a little higher than competitors? Offering them collective bargaining solutions with county councils? Adding bonuses to high income earners on the app? Allowing drivers to connect via an app community? Restricting the number of drivers you onboard to prevent oversaturation? I genuinely believe a local solution could work if it factors in the issues the drivers undergo everyday.

That’s a very good looking price I must say. First impressions of the app, UI and UX is great

This is a bad idea, you would be creating a union before the app even achieves scale. :grin:


This is a very well thought out answer, and one of the main reasons I thought it would be great to actually ask this here and hear what other tech enthusiast would think.

  1. On your question about sharing your trip details it is actually there and you can choose what platform and person you want to share the message with. Like so :point_down:

    The message will give the person you are sending it to your live location and update as you move along. But it is not limited to just the location, also the driver’s full name, his car number plate and the driver’s full name. We also have an SOS button you can click on, at the moment we are in talks with a security firm to help us with this, so that once you click this button you are tracked and security detail dispatch to where you are.

  2. On the questions about how we hope to benefit the driver we have been deliberating with the drivers while we developed the app, and we ask them to visit the offices when they need help or just for a cup of tea. We even do interviews with them, here is a short video on one of them. They are the people on the ground and we understand that they have problems that go beyond just money. We are looking at ways to work with them on taxi parking fees, working with petrol stations to get a better deal for them, and other things that will take time to implement but definitely looking to fix the problems they have.

  3. Lastly, you are right the transport industry is one that needs to be fixed, if Caby can be part of that solution, even a little we would be Happy

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Since I can only attach one image here is another screenshot that should have been on my previous post

It shows how you can share your info with someone while on the ride

Martin you are right, but we would love to empower the drivers that sign up. While we have not considered signing up via a community, we often invite them, not for a meeting but just a cup of tea so that we get to know each other and see how we can grow. They can bring their friends to sign up in all its definitions, that community is a sign up: :sweat_smile:

Thank you Martin, but we are still working on it, we have come a long way, I will definitely share photos of the app while in development last year

Problem of being a newbie. System gives you more permissions as time goes and your reputation as a member grows. It’s automatic.

I completely understand this, just happy to be here…

I like the aspect that its multimodal (Boda and Taxi).I recommend the developer to explore enabling carpooling on the app especially for the Taxi option and if possible also consider adding bus shuttles in the future.But babysteps first.

Car pooling is something that will be launched later this year, but the dynamics of it is a bit difficult, Ubr tried it but failed as people labeled it “unsafe” but yet we all go into Matatus with 14 strangers and almost never feel unsafe, so that is the issue we are trying to tackle first… As for shuttles like you said baby steps…


Distance traveled determines the pricing of these cab services. Almost a year ago, we discussed business ideas in one of the group posts where I shared the idea of having an open market for cab services.

In this case, drivers and passengers bid for the fare rather than have the distance determine the overall cost of a trip. I think months later InDriver picked up the idea and introduced bidding between drivers and passengers.

However, how about introducing fixed pricing for routes. Whereby, drivers can set the fixed price for a route and let passengers determine on which cab to use depending with what what suits them best.

However, your company can set a minimum charge to prevent predatory and unsustainable tactics.

Additionally, passengers are usually eager to know the condition of the cab that they have booked. How about having a 360 view of the cabs just to entice the passengers a bit?

I think one of the problems that we had in Kenya before the ride hailing industry was that drivers would set very high prices without considering much, it was actually more expensive to be using a cab than owning a car. Cabs were considered a luxury for the super rich, I don’t think that I used a Cab before the ride hailing companies came to Kenya.
What they solved is the haggling between the driver and the customer, as customer, I would much rather have a set price determined by distance, time etc. than the driver telling me what the price would be. And I feel that is part of the reason Indivr has not caught on as it should. Yes, it is a great idea to have the driver and customer agree and something to think about, but after talking to many drivers while we did focus groups, customers do not understand pricing and would always want to pay the very least. A driver actually told us that a customer wanted to pay 400 shs from CBD to airport, and the driver felt insulted. he countered with 1500 shs and the customer felt that he was being conned. And I would bet that the customer after that quickly picked one of the other ride hailing companies.
I feel that having drivers fix the price would also present a similar problem they understand how much fuel and how much they feel a trip should cost, but clients don’t.
We actually considered the Indrvr’s way but we felt that the problems would over weigh the advantages. But hey, we still fixing the app and improving it.
I love the idea on 360 cameras videos for the vehicles however, this creates engagement as well as enticing the customers, something to definately look at. :smile: :grin:

To override this, you need to set it as an option alongside the normal distance-time based pricing format.

Therefore, both the driver and the passenger can agree on whether to go with the distance-time based format or the fixed price or bidding format.

I’m sure you’ve interacted with Bolt taxi operators or come across numerous complaints on platforms such as BuyerBeware and I think there’s a popular group for cab services in Kenya on Facebook.

One major complaint of Bolt is a skewed pricing format. For example, a distance that would go for 1,000bob on the lower side ends up billing the customer 250bob. Some customers have been generous enough to let the drivers walk away with more others took advantage of it.

On the worse side, both parties disagreed and the drivers took off with their clients’ change. A fixed or price bidding format will surely come in handy.

For example, if your distance-time based pricing suggests 1,000bob for a trip and the driver is willing to offer the client 900bob for the trip, don’t you think it will come in handy since the client can see the trip worth 1000bob but the driver is willing to give them a discount?

Probably the drivers know some Panya routes to save on fuel. I once took my sister to the airport and we were so late after the travel agent took a hike and they had the air ticket.

Told the cab driver to take any panya route possible tufike mapema and he obliged. Tulifika just on time before checking and I tipped him a few coins.

The Challenge with InDriver they hardly market their services and their branding is not that enticing.

So what you are suggesting is a high bride between what other ride hailing companies have and Indriver? Giving the driver a way to negotiate lower or the standard fee or higher…
so scenario 1 I am the driver I don’t care about the client all I want to do is make the most I want to is make the most, even if I am going to use the shortest route, for example when you use a boda boda on a downhill he will switch off the engine and just use gravity… at the end of the ride he will still charge you what you agreed on even if he used the least amount of petrol he would. So as a driver my aim is to maximize profits. I will ask for the most I can on the ride. I will only charge lower If I am going to that direction or I have not got any rides that day.

Scenario 2 a client
My aim is to save the most I can so I will choose the cheapest amount I can. I do not know the driver therefore I will consider my needs first.

I think why it worked for indriver is that the country was more community centered and it started as a social media group mening you relate with the drivers learn the problems with the drivers and you come to an understanding.
But for kenya this is not the same.

All the same these are great insights from a consumer and one of the main reasons I posted this here

By setting the price, you go as per what you’ve set as of now for the distance-time based format.

As I have said, if your calculator determines a route costs 1000bob, both the driver or client can bid lower or equal (agree with your price estimate).

However, for the client, you can introduce something like TIPS, where they can tip-off the drivers just to address this confusion.

Obviously, if a client bids insanely lower, which is bound to happen, watajimbamba and realize they either go with the your calculator or with the driver’s offer or even better take a mathree juu wafiki bei.

I think simply sticking with a predetermined fare is simple and sorts both driver and passenger.

Personally am not a haggling type… When I Book a ride I simply need one at an Economical Cost to me with little or no hassle…

Then wouldn’t it just be convenient to set the price at 1000 and eliminate any haggling… this is one of the things from our focus groups that people hate. Many pick a cab when they are in a hurry, asking them to haggling over the price just makes them move to the next app.

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Your calculator has already shown the cost of the trip. If someone is in a hurry as stated they can proceed with the trip. Where does the haggle come in?

A suggestion can be put up in place to give room for negotiation for those that have time. If someone has time to check other apps for the pricing, they definitely do have more than enough time to negotiate.