What to know of iPidiTV by Liquid Telecom

Last week on Techweez, we wrote that Liquid Telecom had launched ipidiTv as a value added service for internet packages targeting the retail market segment. The product is packaged under double play model (internet and television services). The idea was first surfaced in 2013 but not much was heard of it till launch. The service is also available in Zambia and I think Liquid will launch it in other markets it has a presence.

What does ipidiTV offer?
ipidiTV comes in two packages including ipidi flix and ipidi boxoffice. ipidiflix gives subscribers access to over 1,000 hours of movies, TV Shows, documentaries for a monthly subscription fee. ipidi Box office gives users the option to rent content and watch it immediately.

Content Available
ipidi Tv has established partnerships with major studios including Disney, Marvel, Universal, BBX, LionsGate and itv Studios. By just browsing through the content I see major titles including Fast and Furious, ted 2, Avengers, Iron Man, Mad Men, Hells Kitchen among others listed.

Watching Content
You can stream content via TV, desktop, laptop, mobile or even tablet.

How to Subscribe
The product is directly tied to Liquid Telecom’s internet offering. So you must sign up for either of the packages available under the Hai-Waya, the brand name for Liquid Telecom’s retail offering.
: Hai-Waya 10, speeds capped at 10 MBps @ Kshs 3,499 but does not include TV
: Hai-Waya 25, speeds capped at 25 MBps @ Kshs 4,999, includes ipidiTV
: Hai-Waya 100, speeds capped at 100 MBps @ Kshs 13,499 includes ipidiTV

ipidiTV vs Netflix
I actually do not think iPidi in anyway competes with Netflix but would serve as a complimentary product. iPidi however offers the user ability to download this content and has a wider array of African content, which Netflix may not have. However in terms of content, platform and pricing, Netflix wins. On its website, it actually talks of users enjoying Netflix as they do ipidiTV by including the Netflix sign up button.

Would you get it?
I think I would get, the pricing point is rather rich compared to other players but the DoublePlay mode of delivery is attractive.

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