What tech are you excited about in 2016?

It is a new year and as has been the case with anything in tech circles lately, there is bound to be a lot of hype around certain new or emerging products and technologies that have existed for a while but are yet to break into the mainstream market. What are you particularly excited about and look forward to seeing or using in 2016?

In 2015 we excommunicated a priest for giving a sermon on a hoverboard. I look forward to this minority being understood for what they are, innocent hoverboard users who are just minding their own business. #lovewins

I am excited about the wifi sharing community and app Instabridge,its useful for connecting to shared hotspots and crowdsharing/sourcing wifi internet connections from hotels,institutions and cafes.I am also excited about Speedify Mobile for android and iOS,this app bonds wifi and cellular data into one connection while ensuring redundancy,been trying it out since yesterday and so far so good.

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