What really is the impact of E-commerce in Kenya?

E-commerce is really growing in Kenya today and people are still embracing it. This proves how it has changed lives and how people do business.

E-commerce, and globalization become more intertwined, buyers and sellers are increasing their connectivity and the speed with which they conduct sales transactions. As we saw during the recent turmoil in the financial markets and some supply chain networks, speeding up sales transactions can be a very positive attribute when small market corrections are taking place.

Online shoppers have benefited in other ways. The growth of e-commerce retail sales has reduced consumers’ search cost, placed downward pressure on many consumer prices, and reduced price dispersion for many consumer goods.
It has also influenced countries that were not economically viable and now they are exposed to the international market.
Moreover it has also helped many small business grow even without a physical store or office.

Some of the most used e-commerce stores in Kenya include Jumia, Killimall, Pigiame, Rupu, Olx and VDS Africa.
What impact has E-commerce had on your business life?

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