What mobile/portable routers do you use?

I need a portable router that can work in the house and still can be carried around. High speed preferable - hear there are those that cut speed by almost half. Anyone?

I think you should look for an open Huawei or ZTE MiFi, if you want one to carry in your pocket without limit of which carrier you can use. Otherwise I don’t know if you want one that can plug in to ethernet for cabled internet.

@martingicheru I found this one - TL-WR702N - 150Mbps Wireless N Nano Router - I hope its what i need - basically something to offer me a wireless hotspot on the go

Quite a dated one (2013), there isn’t something more recent to serve you? Also, why do you need a wireless router? You have a PC that has a bad card?

No my PC works just fine but I want a router for multiple devices. I think once I visit a store this evening I will check out other options. I just needed a background research before going to a shop and the one I mentioned was the one I would buy.

@Martin Gicheru I found an Alcatel one touch MIFI. Fast and stable enough. I am going to love this.