What messaging application do you use on your phone?

This is for the phandroids. What app do you use for sending and receiving messages on your phone? One of the many advantages of Android is a huge third party app ecosystem. Unlike in past years when the app quality was questionable, we now have some really great applications on the Play Store. SMS apps are some of the most popular. So what do you use?

Personally, I have no clear favourites. I tend to use the stock messaging application on any phone I’m using. I toyed with YAATA SMS (hands down one of the best SMS apps I’ve ever used) some time last time year and had Textra on my phone early this year but I always find myself going back to the preloaded messaging app. I particularly like the Samsung messaging client since it got a Material Design makeover to complement its excellent feature sets that includes message scheduling that has never let me down. I was a big fan of Handcent back in the days of Android Froyo but that’s all in the past now.

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@echenze Dooes the Yaata SMS replace the default SMS app?

Yes it does. All third party SMS apps replace the stock one when activated by default starting with KitKat so you no longer get two sets of notifications/messages. Just a central db that all apps read from depending on which one has access at that particular time.

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@echenze I downloaded it and I am not using the default SMS app ever again.

Great! I was one of the first 100 people to sign up as alpha testers of YAATA (Yet Another Android Texting Application). Even in those early days, it was already kicking ass. It’s since matured up and doing even a much better job.