What laptop would you recommend for someone that has 30k

what laptop would you recommend for someone that has 30k

Two options, you can get used or brand new. A used one you could easily get an i7 Ex UK. New you can get an i3 and below. I personally only do Dell or Lenovo. Had a bad experience with HP.

Is there anyone I’ve met who hasn’t had a bad experience with HP laptops? I’ve been there before. @paulwanjohi97, he brings up an interesting point about getting a refurbished machine with slightly better specs as opposed to getting an entry-level new laptop which is what 30k gets you. I’ll look up options though and report back. This is a hard one.

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Here we are looking at an i3, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk space Ex-UK. (at least. You can get a better deal than that.)

Hi from 30k u can get a core i5 ex UK with 6months warrant or a new dual core , celeron with 1yr warrant.

i recommend you get a Dell inspiron,core i3…maybe 4GB RAM,500GB HDD…make sure its new and buy the one preinstalled with ubuntu…should fit the budget…Most HP Laptops are of pure quality


If you don’t mind a 12.5" display, you could consider the x220 above. I’ve bought two of these from the same seller over the past year. Slap and SSD in it and Bob’s your uncle. Of course you’ll have to have someone in the US or you could use a service like savostore.

Can someone recommend for me where I can get quality EX-UK laptops?

I’m also currently looking for one around 30k and so far these are the best leads I’ve got


Blue Scale Solutions

their Telegram:

Photon Quest Technologies

Transtech Solutions

And Rondamo Technologies Limited

All of them who sell EX-UKs and give warranties of at least 6 months

There’s also Laptop Market Kenya who I personally visited and they are great though they mostly focus on selling new machines, but you can also get EX-UKs from them

Will keep on checking


Thanks for the great referrals. Let me check them out.

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