What is your best music player app

Its been a hard transiction from Sony to Huawei. Huawei Music Player is the Worst i’ve Used,Sony the Best and iphone music the best i’ve SEEN.Whats the best music player available on playstore??

@paulwanjohi97 you’re right about Huawei’s music player. I didn’t like it either on the P8. I went back to using my beloved Poweramp. On my Samsung, the Samsung music player is pretty decent. Plus on my device it supports those (gimmicky) gestures and also works with the voice controls which is a plus. However, having used Sony’s Walkman player app (now called Sony Music), I know what you are talking about. That one is good. All is not lost though. See if this way of porting the app to any Android device works for your phone.

Best music player on the Play Store? There is no absolute answer to your query. For me that would be Poweramp. The problem with Poweramp is that it is not one of the best-looking music players on Android at the moment. Well at least according to what I’ve heard from other users. It used to be 4-5 years ago. Not anymore. There are better-looking music players. However, there is no shortage of Poweramp themes so that sort of addresses the main concern. Also, a new update that will be rolled out soon addresses this (currently available to beta users). Besides that, it is one of the most feature-packed (I love its equalizer) and supports just about any other music file format. My mantra is function over form and to that end, Poweramp does just fine.

Poweramp aside, these are some of the music players I use at times and really like in no particular order:

  • Rocket Music Player - my favourite music player in 2012. Its themes are out of this world
  • N7player - its funny way of making sure you’re not stuck scrolling through endless lists of your music library is a breath of fresh air and something you won’t find elsewhere.
  • GoneMAD Music Player - has the best implementation of Material Design on any feature-rich music player I have used so far.
  • BS Music Player - a classic that still does its work well and supports a wide range of audio file formats. Tip: try the free version first before making your mind whether to get it or not.


BlackPlayer EX is also highly rated though I am yet to use it extensively. It is worth checking it out. I am testing it now.

If you have a pair of high quality headsets, this app, Neutron Music Player, is also worth a look.

Another music player, Player Pro, was one of the best of its time. It still lives on but we have since been spoilt by new design guidelines and features and it looks and feels very out of place. It has tried keeping with the times but ended up being buggy more than functional. The same fate has befallen another yesteryear darling, MixZing. How the mighty have fallen!

There are quite a number of music players, just test as many as possible and see what works for you.

Play Music any day for me. Worth trying.

Jet Audio wins hands down for me.

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Traditional VLC.

I don’t even think it rates among the most pleasing to the eye, or best, but always works for me.

Poweramp best music player ever

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[quote=“Mobkay, post:5, topic:237, full:true”]
Traditional VLC.

I don’t even think it rates among the most pleasing to the eye, or best, but always works for me.
[/quote] It was never in contention :slightly_smiling: it’s an eyesore. Just like most cross-platform media players on mobile. At least Jet Audio ain’t that bad. VLC, MediaMonkey and the like are just there. Get the job done but could be better.

My sentiments exactly. I wish they could make the trial period indefinite and limit features like themes, equalizer etc. The 15-day trial period is very minimal for such a decent media player. Since not many people are into buying apps (Android users and buying apps more so in this part of the world is a whole other TV show), letting them use the app for free indefinitely while limiting access to certain core features and reminding them every now and then to upgrade to the premium app is a much better idea. Give users 15 days free trial of the premium experience then limit it after that instead of forcing them to source for other options if they aren’t in a position to pay the $5. Always remind them what they are missing instead of banishing them forever.

That equalizer alone and the sound effects one is able to add are worth the Kshs 400+ asking price for the full app.

So, I tried it out, but then, the experience isn’t even as half amazing.

So, yesterday evening I met a lady at the supermarket queue who seemingly was itching to show the world she had an xperia.

In all my stupidity, I asked if I could test the music player, since I had ported on my device and wasn’t sure I was getting value-for-download.

From the comparison I made, once you port, for those on mediatek, be prepared for some disappoints. The core functionalities remain, but not as great as it is on Xperia devices.

Oh,this contribution, cost me an eclair.


When we tell people to avoid these Mediateks we are thought to be just haters.

You could have given her a map!

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To the house… Man, why didn’t I think of it. But I would have to give her the aux cord coz her phone is better but No! I can’t give that up.

Poweramp is simply the best music player anyone could ever want. Trust me I have heard a lot of audio experience and this player just beats the rest hands down.


totally agree with you.Poweramp is simply the best.

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Finally found the one and only…the app that makes young thugs album art look like justin and make him sound like he is singing in harmonie::joy:…are you still there…Pi Music Player at list the appearance is better than my Huawei’s player

Dude try PowerAmp. Nothing and I mean nothing beats PowerAmp. I bet that’s why its not free on Playstore.

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Power amp is all about recreating a different sound but not simple to the eye try this

Same here. Jet Audio is the real deal.