What is your best Android Cleaner App

What is best Android cleaner app ? like the Android eraser , Erasephone and SD Maid are good at deleting or cleaning up Android everything completely , but they are not free ,i used to use the SD Maid for 1 yeas , but now i am using the Android eraser ,nice

Its not necessary since system/android itself can do it

You know , these data can be recovered back after them be deleted or these data can not completely delete from your phone if the Android does it .

I understand that fully, i just don’t see a reason for an eextra app

Kwani how fast is your Phone that you need to kill everything in order to boost speed…!

Do people still root their android phones?

“Uninstall” is the best app to “clean out” apps. Your file manager is your best app to clean out files. “Cleaning” RAM is actually counterproductive - it costs you speed and battery (and Android does that itself, it always has)…