What is your best Android Cleaner App

Every once in a while i like manually cleaning up my android phone as i like staying digitally organized i.e deleting useless folders and files, deleting all sms, call logs, screenshot pics i don’t find exciting anymore et-al but this is increasingly getting tiring.

I avoid using cleaner apps simply because they don’t live up to their promises. Most cleaner apps just clog up disk space with useless suggested add-ons and fake cleaning.
Can someone please suggest a good android system cleaner i could try? What do you use?


I’m in the same boat as you. I don’t have any app that does that for me. I’m old school. All manual. Cleaner apps are the worst. I’m waiting to hear anyone suggest something that works for them that is worth trying out.

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I’ll try out SD Maid since it has been around for as long as I can remember.

All Samsung smartphones from 2015 going forward arrived with this app, Smart Manager, preloaded. I think it is worth checking out if one has a Samsung smartphone. This is what Samsung says of the app’s functionality:

The Smart Manager application lets you manage your device’s battery life, storage, RAM usage, and security all in one place.

I have used Smart Manager on the Galaxy J5, J7 and Note 5 and it actually does all of the above. Since it is preloaded, it is easy to try it out. And it doesn’t try to be fishy like the others. Those were review devices though. My old Note 3 doesn’t have Smart Manager so I’m out here keeping my mind open and shopping for options.

I once had a CCleaner app that did the job to near perfection. When i did a factory reset and tried installing it from Play Store, it was full of Ads and didn’t perform as the previous version. It was like a fake version of it. I got rid of it. That’s almost a year ago and now i use Smart Manager which comes preloaded and gets the job done.

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That’s good to hear! I also use CCleaner on my PC. I have recommended it to several people for clearing those Windows.old files after upgrading to Windows 10 (and not having to wait a whole 30 days while your C drive is almost full of stuff you are unlikely to fall back to) since you can’t delete them directly as was the case with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 without having to go into complex things non-power users wouldn’t bother to. I have avoided it like plague on mobile thanks to the reviews on the store.

Is the free version of the CCleaner worth it??

On PC? Yes. Totally worth.

I like to use android cleaner program to clean up android device on PC. It enables me to clean up all unwanted files from Android devices within simple clicks!

Recently, I’ve found myself using the cleaner function of Huawei’s Phone Manager app and I really like it!

I like Systweak android cleaner app.It is one of the best android cleaner with lots of features like battery saver,game speedup,speed booster,junk cleaner and storage manager.Systweak Android Cleaner is user-friendly app.

Have you tried Clean master? It does great job in cleaning. However, I suggest you uninstall it once your phone gets cleaned. It takes too much RAM and consumes battery sometime to keep it.

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Is it really worth it to use a cleaner app? I would advise against it just as @echenze did. Android does a good job at cleaning it self. Especially if you’re running Lollipop and over

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SD Maid is nice

Only the premium version.