What is the relationship between Adsense and Eskimi?

I have noticed that Google ads on my site are ocassionally displaying Eskimi ads. I have also spotted a few times on Techweez where Eskimi ads were being displayed instead of Google ads.

@martingicheru and everyone else. Any idea why this is happening?

Eskimi is a Lithuania company that fronts a social network and an ads platform. Google’s Adsense hosts other ads platforms by way of ad exchange, such that the ads that bid the highest get served. Plus those that are targeted to specific users based on site served and cookies. That’s how you will see Eskimi on Google adsense alongside others. I’m sure you have seen Criteo ads as well, these serve Jumia ads.


Thanks for schooling me on this issue. Nilikua nathania nime hackiwa kuna ninja inakulia kwangu :joy::joy::joy::joy:


This is how paranoid people have become.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: it’s a matter of eating vs staying hungry

Walai Tena nlikua nadhani pia mtu anakulia kwangu…nlipanic bana

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