What is the best way of collecting payment in Kenya from Nigeria?

We setup a website in Kenya over 6 months ago - www.myjobmag.co.ke

We are physically located in Nigeria and we have a challenge of collecting payment for services rendered on our Kenyan website.

What are the options available to us as we are not physically located in Kenya.

Visit this site and they will give you an option for payments.I have used them for online payments and mpesa

There are quite a number of payment services you can use, Jambo Pay, Lipisha, Cellulant and I think I saw Africa’s Talking also have a payments API or its in the works.

Maybe pesapal but they are a bit expensive
Idk I just like them easy to use and they don’t ask for many documents for account opening like the rest

Hello @sarunibm , I wrote the three companies; none replied.

Ahem @Divine_Muragijimana!

Really? That’s unfortunate. I am sure we have other options around.

How about trying Bitcoin?

Then you can transfer money either directly from Bitcoin wallet to wallet or through BitPesa. They do FX and B2B payments. They operate in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria. In Kenya they have M-Pesa integration.

Find them here: BitPesa

Are you sure about this part? Last I checked there was a whole big problem about this that ended up with CBK saying they can’t okay Bitcoin.

@martingicheru Yes. We; my investment group and I; receive some overseas payments as Bitcoin and withdraw KES with BitPesa. Sometimes deposits made into M-Pesa wallets.

My friend who introduced us to it says; Yes, Safaricom tried to bar it but “Then the govt ploughed money into Bitpesa and Safaricom had to maintain shallap”.

I’m quoting her verbatim.