What internet speeds are you getting

A thread where people can report what internet speed they get and general user experience

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what internet speed are you getting on upload using servers in other continents on windows? I get very low upload speed (less than 5mbps) on both safaricom ftth and jtl home fiber. it only happens when I choose far away servers (“three ireland-dublin” for example). the wierd part is it only happens on windows. upon further googling I discoverd it has to do with how windows handles out of of order packets, but I havent seen anyone in the forum mention this issue which made me question, are you guys facing the same issue?

I’m on the road using Faiba 4G. Will respond with my home fiber stats at the weekend.

Not sure if this helps.

thanks, thats better than anything i’ve ever managed without using my phone as a proxy server which makes me question everything now. are you on windows 10 or 11?

I still don’t like the upload speeds.



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Windows 11