What Happens When Repair Center Totally Damages Your Device?

So my brother’s Note 5 began to show signs of having a swollen battery early December and I told him to take it to the repair center.

He took it to the Westlands repair center and since it was bought in Dubai, the device was not covered by any warranty, the phone was booked for repair and he paid 6,700/= and told to wait for 7 days.

After 4 days he asked for the progress and was told that they have found the battery so the phone is in process of being repaired.

On the 8th day, they told him that they will get back to him. 48 hours later (today), he made a follow up call and they failed to respond telling him to wait for 2 hours, 2 hours turned to 4 hours and he decided to go to the center himself.

On arriving. Suprise! Suprise! Suprise!!! The guys roasted the phone!!!

One person tried to claim that he brought a phone that was totally dead and he asked them check the receipt. Does it show that the phone was dead?

The guy changed tone that the phone could have blew up in his pocket. He asked the guy the phone only had a slight indication of a battery that was starting to swell. Personally, he showed me the indication and the back glass had a slight separation from the frame of phone. Like less than a millimeter thick and around half a centimeter in length.

So asked for the lady who booked the phone and they told him she is not around. And he told them then make a follow up with her since she was the one who touched, used the phone and even asked for the password.

They quickly shifted the story and claimed that they had taken it to the head office and they are waiting for advice.

He gave them two option, return the phone to the condition that it was that day and refund the money or get him a new phone.

I remember such a case that a client took an S7 for repair and they told her that the phone is still water resistant only for her to drown the phone in a swimming pool. Samsung gave her a new phone after the case was posted on Buyer Beware.

Update: After heading over to the head office, my brother has been in touch with the manager and the manager wondered how Samsung’s support have taken him in rounds over the phone.

To end the story, they have offered him a Brand new NOTE 8 for 18K. and he has cashed in on it.


Wait what? Note 8 for 18k? Wow!

not a bad deal, as long as it is not a refurbished note 8

Some of the best deals on electronics are from certified refurbished items.

Standard warranty + Much lower price.

UPDATE: Actually, they changed their minds when he was about to pay and instead asked for KES. 40,000. Akasema the furthest he can reach ni KES. 25,000. Otherwise they give him back his device or issue a refund.

Wakavurutana for a few days but eventually they agreed to offer him a refund of approximately KES. 72,700 (less shipping costs of the device. Besides he had already paid 6,700 for battery replacement. So he had to compromise).

So he was told by 29th, Dec he’ll receive a cheque. But walidelay kidogo and issued it 2 days ago. Was waiting a confirm pesa imeingia so that I update this post.

Funny thing on that release letter they have indicated that they are yet to investigate and determine how his device was roasted. Speak of protecting incompetent teams. Akifienda kuchukua cheque he noted that some guy was complaining of an S8 alikua ameleta washughulikie but they went silent on him.

You reject this offer

and instead prefer this one?

What mathematics is this?

They had offered him the Note 8 for 18K and they agreed that he returns the next day as the guy handling the case needed time to get the device from one of their suppliers.

So the following day they meet as agreed and the guy tells him it’s not possible. Suppliers are asking for 40K at least. Akawaambia haezi. Ni Dec na ako na mipango za January and buying a new phone was not on his to do list. He offered kufika 25k. Wakakataa

They offered the S7 or S8 ndogo akakataa. Saying the S-Pen is dear to him. So option ikabaki moja. To refund the phone.

The maths. He bought phone @65K and on taking the device to service center he had paid 6,700/=. So at first they did not want to include what he had paid for the battery replacement. But after kuvurutana they finally agreed. So it’s 65k+6,700/=

So it’s 71,700/= and not 72,700/= as earlier indicated.

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Wow… This is one crazy story… Your friend should come here and say hi to us. He is our hero.

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