What happened to TV Whitespaces?

Last I read CA had said that ISPs wishing to launch internet services using TV whitespaces should go through signal distributors like Signet and PANG first. That was late last year. I haven’t heard any ISP talking about TV whitespaces since then, not even Microsoft who launched internet swrvices in Nanyuki dubbed Mawingu

Isn’t it because TV whitespaces have a lot less bandwidth and interference issues than the fiber (and 4G) that is becoming a norm in all major cities? I mean, if that’s the case, what competitive advantage will companies operating those frequencies have? I think getting licenses will be a lot cheaper than mainstream data transmission channels but it will be difficult to create a profitable business model.

Edit: I read somewhere that you have to invest exponentially as you expand such a network and that’s hard to do in a market with so many competitors.

TV whitespace works well for rural remote areas,unfortunately those are also the most unprofitable areas so there is no incentive whatsoever to use TV whitespaces for ISP level internet like Microsoft’s Mawingu…my best bet would be most of the TV whitespace in the urban areas will be allocated to Telcos and ISPs primarily for 4G/5G internet services. TV whitespace in the rural areas can be used by ISPs and Telcos to deploy internet services using the universal fund setup by the CAK