What happened to Ting (Cellulant) Virtual Prepaid Master Card? Any Alternatives?

It’s been almost 2 months now since Tingg disabled their Virtual Prepaid Master Card only after like a month of introducing it. If you inquire about it, they inform you that they’re working hard to improve the service.

Before that, everything seemed to work fine until my brother expressed interest. We tried to sign up for a new virtual card but it failed to work. I inquired and they told me that they’ve temporarily deactivated new signups.

During the same time, I managed to use my virtual card on several occasions. However, after like a week or two, I attempted to use the card again only to receive a notification that the service has been disabled.

Currently, using LOOP physical debit card to manage payments but it will be of interest to know if alternative VIRTUAL CARDS in the market exist.

UPDATE: Cellulant just informed me that they’re still addressing some technical issues and adding new features.

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They also called me to say they are deactivating the virtual card. I had no problem with that because the only reason I got that card was the false advertising that made it seem like it would not be tied to a physical location - like Kenya, or UG or any other country - and so it could sign-up for services that are geolocked. Anyway, I don’t know if you will get the solution but you could check out https://flutterwave.com/us

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Just checked them out. Shida ni wanakupea address ya US. That is an advantage though when paying for geolocked services.

Barter by rave is the way to go. you can load cash instantly with M-Pesa. Been using them for a while now on facebook ads and the likes.

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Unfortunately, the virtual card does not support Skrill Deposits. But it works great for making payments.

Yup they are dead Jim! Refunding loaded money back with NO timeline to restoring service (just an ASAP) sounds to me like closing shop soon :wave:t4:

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They just called to ask if I received my refund. Their records show that I was refunded last week but I can’t see any message of the refund.

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Yes balance on app still reflects my previous but the refund is not and also no sms of a refund …