What Earphones do you use, wired or wireless?

And where can one get that type you’re using?

I have been using mid range smartphones for a while now and this means I have inferior wired earphones to work with, Pace Mate earphones are good, but I keep losing the earbuds, due to friction when I hang them on my neck. So I may consider wired earphones.

What are your recommendations for either?

I use Skullcandy and awei earbuds. Awei used to have a shop in jumia, sijui if they still sell through them. Generics are everywhere, avoid them. Xiaomi pistons are also great if you can get them.

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I use a wired JBL headset which i have relegated it to gaming on my PS4 but i am thinking of getting some Pace wireless earphones for outdoor use.

I’m thinking of buying the xiaomi pistons. They go for 700. How long do they last and how is the sound?

I might switch to Oneplus’ Bullets wireless earphones soon…

Where can i get earphones that have some decent base ?

My Nokia 7Plus came with decent earphones. I can stick with these for a long time.

So apparently i got some wireless bluetooth earphones from my cuzo when he came back from china as a gift in late april and they have served well but they have since been reduced to being audible on only one earpiece while the other whispers,it still works so i use it from time to time.As for the Sony Headsets i ordered on Jumia that came in around the same time(Late April) they still working as good as they were on day one…its been 2 months in and they are slowly turning into my daily listening pieces.

I’m using the Skullcandy Crusher wireless headphones. Base is insane so they’re great with base heavy music like rap/hiphop. Also use them for gaming and they’re pretty decent at it

Where can i get them locally?

Got them in Dubai. Not sure if they are available locally

How is the pace focus, ziko 4200 pale jumia are they any better

This was posted 18 days ago and I didn’t see it?

Pace Focus are good headphones when they are not breaking into two.

Please explain this, how many have you witnessed break…? What causes them to break…?

I got them, I am not a rough user and I don’t share stuff that touch my skin so I am good.

I have a set of mine break and at least three people close to me have had theirs break at the joint next to the ear.

This may be caused by moving them about in the bag, or just wearing them, since you expand them a bit every time you wear them. @kiharajon I don’t think this is about sharing. Good luck.

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I’m using urBeats now, pretty happy with the sound quality and they are quite comfortable

oh man, cost cutting measures. They should have version 2 out by now with metal sliders.

I have tried Oppo wired earphones and they are quite good. Available at close to 1000 or probably in some of the phones you review.

Currently using Huawei wired earphones. Bought them at 200 ksh from a phone dealer after a customer exchanged them for a screen protector. These things have survived everything from water to coffee.

I previously had Xiaomi pistons but sold them after 5 days, they could not fit well in my ears. I am the 1% population who cannot use earphones with rubber tips because they don’t fit. They are incredible for the price - 700. They could cost upto 2500 for the sound.

I have the pistons. They are sturdier than the oppo earphones and that’s what matters. I likes how the oppo eartips were similar to the iPhone ones though

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