What do your youtube account serve you with?

My 80% subscriptions are music related…how many use more for educational purposes and not entertainment. I’ve used YouTube for education probably once or twice i recall once when i had to see some tutorials on calculus

As a techie (probably going to be defined as an ICT practitioner soon), I find interest in new tech, so review videos make the bulk of my subscriptions, product announcements like smartphones and their TVCs. And I’m also human, so I also watch loads of music, but I don’t subscribe to those. I just search for a certain song and listen to the playlist associated with it.

So in my subscriptions you will find Pocketnow, MKBHD, Samsung, Techweez, Rawkinaptech, Unboxtherapy among others.

I have over 1000 subscriptions.
40% entertainment (Music,Comedy)
30% design and photography tutorials.
25% Tech Reviews, unboxing channels.
5% News and Documentaries.

Youtube is LIFE!

hahahaha i watch virtually everything on youtube…Mostly news,tech news,comedy,livestream keynotes,entertainment and documentaries…Youtube serves all my video needs

UnboxTherapy is a comic channel more than a review channel haha. I like it though.

Numberphile Maths and number related very nice
Devtips programming and design stuff
The slow mo guy slow mo videos
Engineering Explained Cars and engineering stuff but mostly how cars work
Jonathan Morrison Tech reviews
colinfurze crazy inventor Very nice
Every Frame a Painting How movies are made and edited

Thats some of my collection

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