What do you think about Liquid Kenya Himax

I was browsing for an internet connection since I moved to mombasa and came across Liquid Kenya Himax 2mbps dedicated at 2,499/- per month, connection is 16K equipment is 30k or you can lease at 1, 500 pm, all options were cheaper than Zuku or Faiba at 5k pm, for one year, would you guys advice me to go with Liquid, buy equipment or lease or go with Zuku or Faiba.

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Now here’s what you will learn. The product you just described is a Wimax product. That’s why there is an expensive set-up (but really, Liquid Telecom could have absorbed most of that set-up cost, but I digress). Wimax cannot be dedicated because it’s broadcast over the air, quite dependent on line of sight, just like TV signal, now while it’s new you may get speeds close to dedicated, but fiber connection is the superior tech.

Fiber, when the ISPs are not lying about it, can get you some good dedicated speeds, that was JTL in the early days. Actually most ISPs in the early days, till they oversell capacity and you start sharing bandwidth and they come with loads of reasons why your connection is that way.

I learnt that even Zuku, with a cabled connection has a Fair usage policy. An ISP, not a telco.


Any reviews about HiMax? They’ve lowered the cost a bit. I’m considering it.

Unless they have styled up .I begged their team to hook up a resource centre but whoever is serving that area was not interested .
In my eyes they are a bunch of useless guys .
Evidence .

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This is related to HiMax or HiWaya?

From the discussion it wa HiMax - internet link using WiMax .



What’s the purpose of a resource centre that you were asking for? May be that will help on my decisions.

That 10k installation cost is too high

The site is a “computer lab setup” where children visit the lab every day from 3pm to 6 pm to Skype with their mentors .
The lab iko na 22 computers . Ideally I would have gone for 2 links for each to support 11 computers while observing the performance.

Now I get you. Thought you wanted them to build something in your area.

Let me see vile kutaenda.

It’s a bit lower than hooking up Safaricom 5G. The monthly payments are almost half those levied by Safcom for the same speeds.

Wale tuko Timbuktu where Fibre Connectivity ni ndoto inaeza kua saviour. I have had access to their Fibre and it was off the hook. Review ya WiMax ingesaidia.

By the way, I was informed that relocation fee is 4,500/= ama utafute mtu wako to move the equipment for you and they’ll charge you 2K for provisioning.

How now ?

Their Huawei CPE 5G modem costs 12,000bob. There’s a thread about it here.

I got the HiMax 5MBPs. You’ll barely get the speed that you’re paying for. Highest I’m getting is 3mbps, rarely. But I can say it’s ideal for home use, I can watch Netflix without any buffering.

Is that waya or satellite? I called them yesterday they told me my location can only do satellite. And that I need to pay 10k installation/ site inspection… I asked about how they handle relocation, the customer care lady told me she didn’t know and gave me some number to ask. The number goes to voicemail… Do you have any info on relocation charges? Also how much did you pay for installation?

Liquid Telecom has a problem. Their staff have no idea about their product offers. One person tells you this today only for the person to call you later to tell you a different thing.

I can only comment on HiMax product. Since the cost is the same as HiWaya when it comes to relocation, I’ll assume they also charge the same with relocation.

On HiMax, relocation costs 4,500/= and keep in mind its a tasking affair than HiWaya.

Jeez! So, what speeds do you experience on a normal occasion if you rarely get 3mbps?

2 MBP mostly, it only gets to 5 at early morning hours

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How about consistency? Net iko throughout with minor issues ama mnasumbuana kama Zuku, Airtel, and Telkom?

Iko throughout, that’s the beauty about it.

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Thanks. Will make a decision after Covid-19. Praying for the best.

Are you streaming in standard quality ama HD?