What do you get on Microsoft BizSpark Account

Hey, any active bizspark account users here… I have a few question. I’d want to ask, specifically under Azure.


Techweez is. Bring it on, probably involve @NairobiWP on this too.

alright, So, I need to get things running. They will be a stream of questions.(as I explore)

I see I have monthly credits worth $150, what does that mean? What privileges can/do I acquire with this?

Credits are mainly for the storage on Azure and the resources that requires. So if you host your app and it doesn’t exhaust resources (RAM, Storage, processing power, application extensions) you are good. That’s a monthly cost. You also get alot of apps, like if you want Windows any version, Developer tools and other software it’s available in the downloads section.

Alright, what else is on offer apart from the Azure platform? Will I be charged for using them, can I activate multiple products?

No you won’t these are free for you as a business to use, you can activate on multiple devices, yes. Just like you would if you had sofrware keys, you get a range of number of keys, like 1-5.

Okay, thank you.

the next stream of questions will come once I am fully done exploring Azure.