What do Service providers use for automated billing

I was reading about how former StackOverflow team member @codinghorror started up with automating monthly billing for their subscription product and I realized I am not sure I know any business with automated billing in Kenya, well outside of web hosting companies, or maybe I’m not paying attention much.

…with a proper signup form and proper automated monthly billing with Stripe. So much easier. Sure, you give up 2.9% of your income, but I’d gladly do that for the ease of automatic billing and receipts…

What do you people use for automated monthly billing with Kenyan customers?

My ISP uses this - https://www.whmcs.com/features/

I think they have integrated it to M-Pesa since my payments are processed immediately and I receive the invoice almost instantly.

With that said, I tried to look for a local developer [for a project I was working on] who could integrate a payment gateway that supports mobile banking and credit cards and I did not find any good ones.

It might be hard to get one.

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There is an MPESA WHMCS integration, but it’s not very well supported.