What do Kenyans do with the Internet?

In the recently released HY 2016 numbers by Safaricom, the Telco registered a 40.9% growth in mobile data revenue to Kshs. 9.2 Billion. This is no small fete. The CA puts internet penetration at +70% of population which is astronomical for a developing economy.
Yesterday, I sat in the bus home streaming music from Spotify. The lady next to me looked at the Huawei P8 and thought it was an iPhone and struck a conversation with me. The conversation slowly went to what do you do with devices with a bias for the internet.
Her: Social media, Chat, read the news, call and sometimes gaming.
Me: Read the news, chat, gaming, lousy photography, social media and streaming music.

I could see the surprise on her face at the fact that I stream the music while I can just store it locally on the device and save on data. This got me thinking Kenyans are not completely taking advantages of the internet and are rather using it for rudimentary things such as Social media. With the current usage and penetration, I am of the thought that its about time players work towards moving users to the next level of internet usage which will allow for the thriving of e-commerce and even streaming services. The cost of data has dramatically fallen meaning there is no reason not to take advantage of this.
What do you use your internet for?

I think we don’t have local players with muscle big enough to define new ways Kenyan internet users consume content. We are still very conscious of our data usage and those that are less conscious are a very small demographic. For the larger demographic, it makes business sense to follow the users where they are. And right now it’s in downloads for local storage play.

What about government? They have the money, they have services that need automation and are capable of pushing it as an agenda. Think about what they are doing with eCitizen but for all services but with advanced capabilities.

My tipping point before is started streaming music was when I realized that i could watch and listen the same contents online at insignificant costs rather than fill up my phone with music that Ijsut delete 3 months down the line. But this is not the norm in Kenya. People are yet to get to that point where internet data does more that just browse social media and download music. Until then, as Martin has pointed out, all firms cab do is follow the customer.

I guess downloading those 50 bob movies takes up a chunk of it. :joy:

Ok… anyway even though the price of data has fallen, I don’t think a large number of Kenyans would enjoy using more than like 100 bob per day for good streaming of YouTube etc.

Just wondering, I’m one of those still conscious on usage, apart from when I’m under “Office WiFi gang”.

How much data would it take to do an hour of streaming radio, say at 192kbps?

200MB will take you 6 hours maybe

It depends,kenyans do many things with their internet connection.All i can say is there is so much one can do,from shopping to catching up on news and reading,doing exams.The government needs to invest in establishing more wireless internet hotspots.Ones that are citywide and cover all public areas.This will in turn encourage growth of smartphone and internet use as most of these devices have wifi inbuilt.Its time we look upto the south korean model and embrace the future.