What are some of your Favorite Apps?

I have TuneIn Pro app but its till useless.
I prefer shoutcast or sister app Poweramp or something like that

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Keeping tabs with android latest i know the question is why not the web version the answer is i find app quality better than web versions plus to save on data app does it for me remember i have also been asking techweez to create an app seems u guys are anti app u love the web

I use Musixmatch,Spotify,Shazam and Soundcloud

We look at the majority of our users. Watu walikuwa wanatumia Opera ikiwa na maximum data saver on na wewe uko hapa unaitisha app. I think you’re the only one who will use it.

Plus an app means users have to go the extra mile of having storage space on their phone, downloading and remembering to use it.

Also its tiresome! You’ve to close an app or web you’re working with to go open another app.
Web is fine. Thank you

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App fatigue is a thing. Techweez does not need an app.

What Techweez needs is an SSL certificate for the forums. It bothers me every time I have to log in using my email (although I am using a dummy email address)

I am sure a few people have their actual email addresses here.

What are you trying to mean @General Some us use 1 email for almost all online interweb things apart from personal & emails

Techweez does not encrypt any connections to and from their server. Someone can easily harvest all email addresses entered on the login form (man in the middle attack)

The forum software (Discourse) used here is also open source (anyone can acquire it). An opportunist can easily identify and exploit the software.

I have a dummy email address that I use to sign up to bogus and/or insecure sites. You can also use disposable email addresses. Just sign up, save the password somewhere for later use and forget about the email address.


They can use Let’s encrypt or cloudflares free SSL.

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Like me i do use my email address here the actual one your point is pregnant and a valid one

@martingicheru u need this ssl issue sorted with speed our security comes first man encrypt this site


Do something asap @martingicheru

Its time Techweez :smirk:

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Guys i wud suggest u try Samsung internet and download ad blocker extension damn guess how nice it is to navigate this forum bila ads fast seamless beautiful

hahah… I disabled adblock on techweez, lemme support these guys for once :laughing: though wananiangusha na kutoweka SSL

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The ads are not intrusive so I don’t see the need. Let’s support them. They do a fine job of informing us.

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Okay iam disabling ad blocker for this site ju ya support sorry techweez i have been mean to u

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Ads on Techweez are totally non-intrusive. You barely even notice them because they’re so easy to get used to. Anyways, back to the thread topic… So many apps have been mentioned already but I have a few additions of my own. I won’t mention any obvious ones like Various mobile banking apps, Google Keep, Google Maps, The Holy Bible, Truecaller - OR- annoying ones like Xender

Calckit calculator and numerous converters and tools
Brave browser - - chrome-like browser running on chromium engine with built-in ad blocking and tracking protection
GSam battery monitor - - who doesn’t use it?
ACR (Another Call Recorder)
Bluecoins financial management app
Glasswire data traffic monitor
Gravity Box for extensive phone tweaking
Adobe Lightroom CC photo editor
Cyberlink Photo Director (photo editor)
Naptime and Servicely (battery saving apps)
PayPal online shopping companion
Peel Remote premium (read patched)… Sorry Peel😢
SD Maid also ‘premium’ for deep cleaning and optimization of the entire phone. It’s like Tune-up Utilities on Windows

Last but not least… SwiftKey Keyboard. Keyboards are easy to forget but this one is a must-have ever since TouchPal went to our dog-eating squinty faced brothers.

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Am here just to report how annoying I find Swiftkey keyboard is. Top worst on my list

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Wekea techweez order ya cake, 90% people love cakes.
tutasahau vile wewe ni mean