What are some of your Favorite Apps?

Apps are here for good to simplify our smartphone lives, that’s right. We can’t avoid them I guess. I hate too much updates though. Anyway, as your own smartphone user, Excluding Social Media Apps and Game Apps, Name some of your greatest apps that you have be it they’re existing now or they are no more.

For instance, for me

  1. Swarm/Foursquare
  2. Pixlr Photo Editor
  3. Dictionary
  4. Bible
  5. Xender
  6. Handcent (sms)
  7. Soundhound (music search engine)
  8. Google Photos
  9. UC Browser
  10. Dodol Launcher
  11. Wattpad (Online Books)

Soundtrack was a dope app. It was better than Shazam

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My eye twitches involuntarily every time I see the word ‘Xender’

The last time I used it, it was just ads. Shareit is also affected.


  • Netguard (Firewall)
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery
  • Textra (Sms)
  • IFTTT (Automation)
  • Battery Warner (Helps me keep the battery between 25% and 85%)
  • AccuBattery (Track battery cycles, Rogue apps, battery health status etc)
  • Poweramp
  • Lastpass (Password Manager)
  • Calcu
  • Nova Launcher
  • Pushbullet
  • Boost (Reddit App)

I’d say these are the main ones

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my favourite apps lately
Mozilla (i think it works better for me than chrome)
Coinbase (aki nimeamkia bitcoin iko $6200 :persevere::sob::sob::sob: )
Tunnel bear (incase spotify logs me out)


I use it only on web to mobile/Android Box when transferring large files… its a little faster than Droid! .

I agree with you. In my experience as well, I’d go for mozilla leaving Chrome

I prefer Chrome on phone (Android), Mozilla on PC for me, expecially after that Quantum update. Chrome works so well that I’m not even sure i’d want to try Mozilla on my phone :grin:

I have over 100 apps on any phone I use, so I will just list my favourite:

Faiba for buying data bundles on Faiba 4G.

Google Keep for note taking and lists

LastPass for password management

Mula for buying airtime and tokens

Send Anywhere for sending and receiving files

Tenda Link to manage my Faiba 4G MiFi

TV Time to keep track of my series


Tv Time seem interesting. Will try it.
LastPass - I just don’t trust the app LOL

I prefer SeriesGuide by Uwe Trottmann since its free version has no ads. The only thing you lose by being a free subscriber is the ability to sync the list of shows you follow to another device. Though I have never tried TV Time. Umenikumbusha, Tenda is AWESOME :ok_hand::raised_hands:

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Loved that app but the lack of Trakt.tv sync support killed it for me. Currently using Trakter on Windows 10.


Opera VPN is better because there’s no cap

How do you use coinbase in Kenya? Have you checked out blockfolio/delta?

My top apps

  1. Google Photos - Photo backup
  2. Google Maps - Maps
  3. Gmail - Email
  4. Google Keep - Notes/Lists
  5. Delta/Blockfolio - Crypto tracking
  6. Discord/Slack - Chat
  7. KCB/Eazzy - Banking
  8. My Calendar - Tracking my girlfriend’s period :joy:
  9. Nova Premium - Pure android skin on any android device
  10. Pulsar/Spotify - Music
  11. Opera VPN - Free VPN
  12. RescueTime - Time tracking

One of those headlines, NUMBER 8 WILL SHOCK YOU! :joy::joy:


I got;
Samsung internet/browser
Telegram x which i recently discovered in techweez
Spotify & TuneIn sums up my list

@kissykennysmatt here it is:

Here are @bombie’s Top Apps; Number 8 Will Shock You

Android Authority app? Why?

TV Time has no ads either…

I cant buy or sell since its one of the many region locked apps around, though I like how it displays real time info about crypto prices. I find blockfolio somehow too cluttered. for trading I use localbitcoin platform, though I hate how people inflate prices there :angry::angry:

I wonder as well.