What Apps do you use to root your Android devices in 2020?

What are the main apps that you root in when you buy android phones? If there have been any helpful apps and has a high rate of using in real life, please let me know.

Kingoroot for PC and the Kingroot app used to work on earlier builds of Android. The best way to root is through custom recoveries such as TWRP or CWM. Flash the root app, be it superuser’s flashable zip or my personal recommendation, Magisk. Then enjoy!


Also PS: Do not attempt to lock the bootloader after root, you might just brick your device. Leave the OEM unlocked.

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Try to root AMP app now a days in android let me tell you the result when it’s done.

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I don’t think there is an upside to rooting a device/app in 2020. Samsung for instance is releasing new motherboards with an e-fuse which is triggered by suspected rooting activity. And once triggered you can’t access any app that used Google Play certification. Oh, and you can’t reverse the rooting unless you also change the motherboard. Crazy stuff!

On the other hand, Xiaomi even sends phones to developers to tinker with their phones

I usually just unlock bootloader and flash custom recovery, I use twrp or Orangefox recovery though I prefer Orangefox, then download Magisk zip file from their website and flash the zip file using the custom recovery,simple easy root.

Well, there are for me.Rooting using magisk gives me some great tools.First, Viper4AndroidFX requires root permissions to be able to modify sound drivers and give me freedom to tweak my sound as much as I want to. Second Magisk Module I use is Debloater, allows me to uninstall all bloatware apps even if they are system apps. Third module is AppSystemizer, allows me to install my most useful apps and then turn them to system apps so that nobody can delete them. So much more, for those who wan’t Android 10 gestures on devices not running Android 10, there are modules. Also the Advanced Charging Controller module intelligently monitors my battery, how it charges , the battery temperature and regulates charging, it also stops charging the phone is it is plugged too much or for long periods, it basically takes care of my battery without me having to stress
So yea, rooting still has a purpose.

Also know what phones are tweaking friendly. Smartphones like Xiaomi and One Plus phones are a joy to behold in the tweaking departments. These OEMs literally drop device kernel source codes hours after launch and send out units to developers. So choose your OEM wisely. e.g the Redmi Note 3 from 2015 has custom android 10 ROMS with last months security patch


Easy Root… Loll

That navigation bar looks like samsungs’? What’s the name

This is Android 10 stock navigation gestures

  1. Titanium Backup is still king. It copies the entire phone when migrating your apps, settings, data after buying a new device. You do not even have to log in again into apps like fb, twitter, browser forums, mail after buying a new device
  2. Viper4Android turns 200 bob earphones into beats level quality. I can’t live without it
  3. Adaway blocks 99% of ads on the phone (on browser and all apps), no need for a slow vpn-like ad blocker (blokada, dns66 etc)
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My bad😕 i meant notification bar

That’s Havoc OS , it’s a custom ROM i use . It’s super stable bloatware free, shitloads of customization you name it. The notification bar I have is just a customization I did myself

Yess!!! Finally someone who recognizes quality. Of all custom ROMs available out there, Havoc is simply king right now. Ata kina Lineage wameachwa nyuma. Man the amount of tweaks Havoc brings to the table are just amazing. Not to count stability, I’ve had three people who are close friends install GSIs on their long forgotten Tecnos and it works well. I’d advise anyone looking for a custom ROM, Havoc is it.

To find Havoc GSI builds, simply google EXPRESSLUKE GSI and click on the sourceforge link. You can navigate to find arm32, arm32 binder64 or arm64 image builds, with a or b or a/b partitions.

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Also, be forewarned. Flashing through custom recoveries requires you use the latest zip from Magisk that disables boot security, otherwise flash SuperSU and find the latest no-verity-opt-encrypt file to disable boot security checks. You’ll have a device stuck on bootloop if you fail to do so.

For Samsung, flashing CF-Auto-Root binary files via Samsung Odin is the best option.Though you cannot use this method for all the Samsung models, it’s reliable and successful

Kingoo App, weroot software are the best apps for android to root your device.

Magisk is the rooting king hands down. Features unique to magisk like magisk hide and systemless hosts are indispensable. Magisk framework is very versatile and even allows you to flash modules to pass safety net. I don’t see myself using any other root solution than magisk.