Went to buy TCL from Luthuli ended up buying a Syinix - It's Awesome!

So today in the accompaniment of my sister, we went to buy a TCL T.V. from my favorite dealer in Luthuli. Kufika, as we were looking at the TCL tv’s bargaining the price for the size we had settled for (40") TCL smart, something else on the display caught my attention; a Synix TV.

Well, I noticed the TV had crisp images. Looked brighter than TCL, LG, and Samsungs that were there. So I asked him about it and he told me that it has an IPS panel. Then surprise surprise. Akaniambia the company is a subsidiary of Tecno/Infinix/iTel maker, Transsion Holdings.

Well, he did a small demonstration to show the quality and rigidity of the panel. Akagonga the panel ya Synix na kidole somehow brutal but a bit gentle and there was totally no screen flickering. Wacha agonge TCL/Hisense and even my lovely Samsung (he told me hiyo ni ya Egypt), the flickering was disturbing.

He sold us a 43" Hynix T.V @32,000. Kufika home turned on the T.V. There is a new Android version I’m supposed to update. Nikasunda Antenna and searched channels. All channels intact bila decoder. Picture quality comparable to the Samsung at home.

I was hungry packed the T.V back kwa box nikaenda kusaka late lunch. Then I remembered, there’s Techweez forums, I should share with the wonderful people here. So tomorrow, I will do a re-unboxing and share a hands-on experience.

TV inafaaa inende ushago, I feel like swapping it na the Samsung iko hapa :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Tied like a gunia juu hakuna juala skuizi

Turned on the TV

Scrolling over the menu - Looks beautiful

More menu images

The Pre-installed apps

Leo nimeekea bets hapa na zimekunyua maji zote :joy::joy::joy:

Hapo sasa

Here is where it gets interesting - The EPG resembles GOTV. Even channels ni vile ziko tu GOTV :thinking: :thinking::thinking:


Watching kidogo

Android version

It’s a great tv for the price. But it failed on the fullHD picture quality test. Tried to compare it with a Samsung N5100. Not bad but better than TCL from my point of view

As for the Android version it’s indicated as version 4.4.4 - When I first connected the TV to the internet yesterday, it did show an update as available. However, leo sijaona ikionesha kama update iko

The sound quality from the speakers is good


What Android version does it ship with, and what update is this?

Also, turns out Syinix sells TVs, microwaves and blenders. Transsion is coming for the home market after ejecting LG from the smartphone business.


The spelling of SMART would have made me not purchase the TV. I know Chinese have a challenge writing in English.


Same here, not just Chinese, if I can find a digital TV equivalent at whatever configuration that’s what I would pick.

Ni 1080p au 1080i? Android ya TV au simu? Hebu test hizo stuff na zingine utupee report :grin:

What version of Android is it running?

Version 4.4 - Ouch! But haven’t paid attention to the update. Will do it today and may be update it.

Will do a full report leo

Ayam not surprised. Reason I don’t buy smart TVs.

Looks like ni Android ya simu ported to the TV. That’s a major problem with me. I would rather it was not a Smart TV.

Looks like ni Android ya simu ported to the TV. That’s a major problem with me. I would rather it was not a Smart TV.

If the display is great, why not just ignore the smart part?

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Hello NO! He should have ignored/avoided ‘SMART TV’ while shopping.
Remember: There are Great non-smart Tvs out there with excellent Display

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I’m looking for recommendations on non-smart, great-display screens. Any recommendations for 40-43 inch?

I have one a Samsung N5100. Hii tu ni TV ya shags and wanted to buy digital TCL nikaona hiyo and decided why not.

After kuchokora I can say Samsung/LG/Sony wako league yao. It failed my fullHD test. Can’t come close to the Samsung N5100 even when on power saving mode where graphics and picture quality is reduced (on the N5100).

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@deewinc This means you agree that non-smart Tv are unbeatable right?

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: @kissykennysmatt stop forcing @deewinc to say that :rofl: Anyway, in kenya, those on budget I would just recommend buying a dumb TV plus a Kodi or Safaricom’s 2nd generation big box.

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You know it’s a transition that people are recommending this, considering there is a previous entry here that asks Safaricom not to do hardware.


I asked you guys to confirm whether the issue was rectified as indicated by other reviewers but you didnt respond :grin: I assumed its fine.

Long term use and inferences are important. For the moment, it may perform admirably but start showing its ugly sides down the road - which is not to say it will end up that way owing to the improvements in quality of products that originate from, as Silicon Valley S05 call it, New China.
Also, it is verrrry important to check the specs of these TVs, esp the chipset. I realized that these smart TVs are equipped with antiquated (sorry, been watching too much SV) SOCs from the dark Gingerbread days. Case in point is my Skyworth that is needlessly smart, but can’t chew through a basic 720p YouTube video and that makes me sad.
Now, I can trust a known brand even if it is dumb by construction, but I can’t trust these new players that run Kitkat and fail to plaster the chipset name on the spec sheet because that’s cynicism.
Report to us in six months.
PS: I never switch on mine. Just waiting for World Cup to kick in and feel terrible about my purchase again.


As the saying goes,cheap is expensive…If you are going to buy a quality smart Tv with inbuilt quality smart software,stick to LG/Samsung/Sony,otherwise just buy a non-smart tv and combine with a safaricom big box if you really want to make it smart…


At least you will have 480p Gigabundle as alternative :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: