Welcoming interesting content from other tech blogs

So here’s the thing. This forum was started so we can have a central place to hold public discussions on tech. Doesn’t matter where it comes from, as long as it’s interesting, bring it on here for us to discuss.

Consider this as a FYI. You can share content you feel needs to be discovered and discussed by our community, even from your blog. This is what we are looking for. So if you are a forum member and have a blog, please share an interesting story or news item you came across or developed on your blog. We want to read it and discuss it.

Here’s the catch though.

You need to be an active member to be able to share an external link you must be at Trust level 1, by default, anyone joining on their own is at trust level zero. Trust levels are how this forum self-moderates. If you join right now and start your first post by sharing an external link, your post will be automatically flagged for moderation. And at trust level zero your external links will be plain text.

Means you have to participate in the forum by either reading and responding to other posts, you will be notified by the system when you gain the “Basic” badge. This gets you ability to share external links and the forum software recognizes you as one of us. The higher up you go the more badges you get and the better you look. See the badges available for you here

But the point is, get trust level one and share those interesting stories.

This is a good&dope. Welcome change to content from most Ke Tech blogs.