Wekabid.com is a new online Bidding Website in Kenya

Anyone here ever used Weka Bid?
I tried it today, sent 60/- mpesa and purchased 3 bids for 20/- each.
I’ve been trying to win a bid for the last 6 hours with no success.
Lol, i want my 60/- back.

Anyway, how does Weka bid founder earn money? Coz there are literally a click every 10 seconds from guys like me trying to win a bid… Is it another OLX ads thing?

You just lost 60 bob. That’s how they do :smile:

November 2017

Revenue = 3,000,000 (60 x 50,000 people)

Cost of goods = 1,800,000

Profit = 1,200,000

Very easy to be profitable. Never underestimate Kenyans when it comes to taking the path of least resistance.

I pretty sure someone has already made a script/bot to do all the bidding for them.

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How does it work?

Every day there are different items you can bid on. (iPhones, laptops, consoles, vouchers, shoes etc)

Each item has a timer counting down to zero. If you’re the last person to bid when the countdown clock reaches zero, you ‘win’.

Each bid is 20 bob. You top up your bids using M-pesa.

More info - http://wekabid.com/howitworks

I just noticed the site’s Ts & Cs and the privacy policy are blank. So much liability. They can easily be taken down by a couple of disgruntled customers.

Before posting my comment, I have checked one product’s timer countdown to zero and go back to 10 seconds and back to zero concurrently for over 30 minutes and I decided to call it quits. During this time, a few people were alternating their 20bob bids repeatedly. Like what kind of trickery is that?

Something is a miss.

I would never give away my money to maybe win the product I’m bidding on. It’s nonsensical if you think about it because the game is probably rigged against you. Whichever product you are bidding on will eventually be won by someone known to the game creator particularly if the company is not licensed by the BLCB (Betting License Control Board or something.)

This is like the slot machines that are now ubiquitous in the estates, heck, even those are better because there’s actually a chance you might win. This is another ploy to get your money without the intention of giving anything back.

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Simpy put, the house always wins.

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I bet it was a 32’ inch TV you were looking at. Every time a bid is placed, the timer increases by 5, 10 or 20 seconds.

EDIT: Holy sh*t, people are still bidding on it. The countdown has been that way since 7 am.

For what it is worth, you can decide to buy the product outright. Any bids you placed on the product will be deducted from the retail price and you pay the difference.

The entire business is in a grey area though. Isn’t this gambling?


Yep that TV. Notice the bidders too are the same people. Tangu morning 20bob per second by now inafaa kukua 720+ K. Mtu anafaa kukua amenunua 3D curved 60 inch plus tv by now. :joy::joy::joy:

There is a bid every 5 seconds.

That TV has made over Ksh. 150,000 since 7 a.m. Retail price is Ksh. 25,000

Does anybody want to bet against me that one of the site admins owns a few of the accounts doing the bidding? :joy::joy:

Kenyans, please STOP giving out your money freely.


The takeaway is that those twenty bobs that poor people are putting in won’t be refunded. This is the person operating the website wanting the cake and eating it too.

Pure gambling…

oh my god, why do they keep the losing bids? That’s not how an auction works, how is this even legal?