We won't raise the prices but cut jobs? Telkom lays off 500 employees

If the jobs cut plan is related to the recent increase in taxes, I think it’s wrong as a strategy. Hiyo tax wangeongeza tu prices rather than lay off some staff.

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True but also visit any Telkom shop and there are like 2 people not doing much so I saw it coming.


The layoffs ain’t a good sign, but they raised their prices too so I don’t think that’s the reason

I’m feeling maybe the amount invested in the firm after rebranding so far hasn’t made any solid returns, if any, and maybe this prompted the need for a change in strategy. Wish we could get insider info from guys working at Telkom

I haven’t noticed a change in pricing through. May be ni Pay as you go ama?

That is so sad. 500 employees na vile wakulaji nyama wanazidi kula

I would like to visit such a shop on my next visit. My favorite one ni ile iko GPO and a few times I have visited the one next to Central Bank na kila mtu anakuaga busy huko ndani right from the days of Orange.

yea ni kwa pay as you go, sms ni 1.1bob, calls to Telkom ni 2.3bob na calls to other networks ni 3.3bob. Pricing hasn’t affected the bundled products like the voice bundles as well as internet bundles izo nashukuru bado ziko intact :pray: :joy:

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I was talking about ya Meru.

Telkom is funded by Helios, they review performance, hire an auditor (McKinsey) to audit processes for optimization and this was their recommendation. So it’s about getting the company efficient. Efficiency may come in many ways like doing what has returns or just keeping those giving them what they expect.


This is the correct answer.


I hesitantly agree with this

McKinsey’s optimization recommendation number one is always to slash jobs :triumph::triumph::triumph: