We should share more start up ideas

We should by now agree that some of the most revolutionary products were backed by people who of the right mindeset, people who gave the right nudge here and there, gave assurances and poked some holes as needed.

I saw @martingicheru encourage people to share their tech start ups here and I’ll go ahead as say that is a brilliant move and so we should share even conceptsand everyone then commit to giving objective feedback.

On that note who’s going to start Dandia - an app where I can piggyback on other people’s service subscriptions at a fraction of the actual fee? Like if you pay 900 for Netflix and you only use one account I pay you kedo 200 and get the extra login you aren’t using?

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We live in a very social society especially here in Kenya. If its not your friend that you share a subscription with then it can be a family member. Personally speaking, even if i was alone i would still pay the full amount by myself instead of dealing with some stranger.

That’s called piracy mate.


How is that piracy if the service providers allow multiple accounts under one user?

Anyway my point was not on that app, I simply wanted to emphasize the need to share ideas and get feedback as early as possible. This way, new tech products will be ripe for the market by the time they get launched.


The reasoning behind this arrangement is to allow one household to share the same subscription.

When you as an individual share your account outside these terms (especially for payment), it’s an open and shut case of piracy.

Fair enough on this point though.


Yes please, tell your people to tell their people that we want to hear about their startups and/or new products. We will be your first users and give you the much needed early feedback.

Here is an idea juu sioni skuile nitapata pesa niunde.

A willing buyer and willing seller TAXI App.

I know the market is flooded with these apps. My idea here is that both the rider and driver be allowed to set prices before a ride.

Driver Example

The drivers can set a fixed fare per kilometre that varies. Let’s say I’m going from Timbuktu to CBD. I open the app and see a couple of cabs around me. Also, the car models are displayed along (or somewhere on the screen) driver set prices. Sort of bidding.

Cab A has set kes/km @35bob (Allion)
Cab B has set kes/km @30bob (Fielder)
Cab C has set kes/km @25bob (Fit)
Cab D has set kes/km @33bob (Honda Insight)

So the rider may be feels like going to pick up my gashugua with a Fit is embarrassing. So he picks A, B, or D.

Or may be it’s just a casual ride to go shopping. Not in Millennial mode. He picks Cab C.

Once the rider selects a cab the price is locked and the driver cannot revise it hadi trip iishe or they decide to cancel it.

Rider Example

May be the prices are good but not that good to have the car the rider wants. So riders are also allowed to place a price and request a ride.

From the example above. The guy decides to bid price @28bob/km and makes a request. So all drivers nearby are alerted that there’s a guy that needs a cab @28bob/km.

Driver A aone siwes mek. Same case for Driver B. Driver C ajiamini and makes a request to be the rider at that rate. Driver D aone pia he can do with that. Hybrid manenos and makes a request too.

So the rider gets to select and decides to go with Driver D.

Once the rider selects the driver, the price is locked and cannot be revised until end of the trip or they cancel the trip.

Rider example 2

Well let’s say the rider has set the price @28bob/km and requests a ride. Well the drivers can make counter offers. So Driver A might counter with @32bob/km, Driver B and D @29bob/km.

Rider aone haithuru ammue kuenda na Driver A.


The idea here is to address the issue of cab drivers going on strike mara kwa mara. Oooh sijui price iko chini. Ooooh sijui tumetupwa. Ooooh ooooh sijui mafuta na tax etc

Also, user charges of using the app should not be charged on the driver only. Both rider and driver should share the cost.

If the fee is 20% then let the rider and driver share 50:50.

The app can be flexible to allow drivers and riders to adjust per minute rate. But that might bring a lot of confusion. So the company can lock all other areas (company sets the rates for locked metrics) and open up the bidding feature on price per KM.

This can be a great idea for @Eddie2018 to present it to Telkom pursue it further. But naona Safaricom wakidandia.

Any questions?

On such I would suggest a minimum bid a customer can place. Taxi after the rise of these apps has become an expensive venture for drivers. Most do it cuz they have no other business to engage in. It will be profitable once the world switches to electric cars… IMO. :grin:

Willing buyer willing seller. So drivers have an option of either to accept or decline the offer.

let’s say 20 drivers are online waiting… a customer bids 150 from cbd to kikuyu… Around 2 drivers are yet to “kufungua biashara” and they opt to make a loss with the hope of getting a better offer once they arrive in Kikuyu…

Ni kama academic writing kwa sites that allow writers to bid mpaka $1 per page… The customer will always have the advantage… :grin::grin: A better way is setting minimum price that can be paid per KM or location… Just like others do.

Here is mine

But this will make it just like Uber.

I think the idea of customer and driver agreeing on a price would work. This way, the drivers do not feel cheated as they have more control.

At least it will protect drivers from making losses while trying to outbid each other for a customer bidding peanuts :grin:

Just realized that the new taxi app in town InDriver offers bidding and setting of prices by passengers.