We are neglecting the bigger picture concerning Uber

I wrote an article on why taxi operators are not the only ones who get to be angered by Uber, we should all get angry although for different reasons.

I said that the only reason Uber is so appealing to us is because of the inefficiencies in our transport system. We view public transport as that a means for those who cannot afford vehicles. This means we do not give to much thought in implementing it to fit all ‘classes’ of people. End product, the kind of money generated is not enough to sustain the operators and or even maintain the system.

Consequences,Taxi’s are over priced and generally the cars are poorly maintained, matatus look like they will fall to pieces if they hit a big bump and generally they are both driven badly to save time during trips making them unappealing.

Then comes Uber, an accessible third option (not perfect for matatu replacement) a new way of tackling the whole transport system using tech. Obviously we will love it. We as riders should get angry because

  1. We have encouraged the idea of ‘public is for those who cannot afford’ that we fail to demand what is our right.
  2. We should be angry because Taxi drivers think we should back them up and say bye to Uber, a company that has shown in transport the rider comes first.

Who else should be angry about Uber? Delivery guys. Uber will transport more than just people.They take time to create networks and smarter routes. Adding delivery to the services Uber offers increases the demand for drivers. I see a lot more people employed, both part time and full time. It actually increases driver utility. So what happens to the delivery guys investing millions in delivery infrastructure? Will they be caught ‘off-guard’ when Uber gets into their space? Its coming!

In the end i think that focusing on the anger from taxi drivers to Uber is short sighted. We will all be affected, whether its by Uber opening up our minds or Uber showing us how to do our jobs. We can either join in or pick up our pitch forks and join the protests, either way, you cannot eradicate Uber