Washing machines and brands you can trust

Kenwood, Pel, Dawlence.

Good evening my people… How can you protect bleeding clothes from fading?

Are there any hacks or detergents I can use?

Use very little detergent. When I mean little, very little…

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Hand Wash with bar soap only, iron them inside out

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LG machines latest models are the best, low consumption of power and water


What about washing machines? I decided to look up power consumption as per European ratings(160 cycles per year) Samsungs average ~250 units per year.

With a unit roughly at 20 bob 250 units gives ksh5000 for a year… That seems affordable to me, any thoughts on this labda getting a washer-dryer combo

Edit: The energy use is only at play when using separate units
I quote "However, a washer dryer may become costly over time since it’s less energy-efficient and uses more water. While the running costs of a standalone washing machine aren’t significantly cheaper than those of a washer dryer’s washing function, it’s a different matter when it comes to tumble drying.

Most washer dryers use condenser technology, which is the least energy-efficient of drying systems. But where standalone condenser dryers would be air-cooled, washer dryers use a considerable amount of cold water to condense the vapour to keep the machine cool. According to Bosch, a standard washer dryer uses 100 litres of water per wash and dry cycle.

In recent times, washer dryers with heat pump drying technology – a more advanced spin on the condenser system – have made their way into the market. However, these tend to be quite costly upfront.

While there’s a slight difference in energy costs between a washer dryer and a standalone condenser tumble dryer, the running costs of a heat pump dryer are significantly lower.

According to Dutch retailer Cool Blue, a washer dryer with 8kg washing capacity and 5kg drying capacity would consume 1070kWh annually, while a C-category washing machine and A+++ (the most economical) dryer with 8kg capacity would only consume 314kWh."

hey guys. I stumbled on this thread and first of all, great content!!:clap:t6: very detailed reviews​:+1:t6:the frozen direct cooling fridge took me outtt. :joy::rofl: which brings me to, yall should start extra threads on ALL household electronics - the recommended brands, their pros&cons : I bet that info will be hella helpful to other people outchea including myself.

Now, anyone used haier products for more than a year?? especially the washing machines, fridges, TV?? highly considering getting them butttt am concerned about durability, repair status etcetc.


The products are pretty much a mixed bag. My mamaa has a Haier blender that has lasted for more than a year without issues. But my bro’s mamaa has a Haier fridge that broke down after around 5 months of usage.

Good thing, Haier picked it up, took it for repair, and returned it, all covered for free under warranty. It’s working fine almost for three years now. Shida ni direct cool. Hiyo fridge ukifungua mlango unaeza kula shower roho safi. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


that’s what I :thought_balloon:. like kama uko na bahati, you’ll get the appliances that are OK with no hitches. but kama ulikosea your ancestors in another life, you’ll get the ones with nuksi. :smile::grin: it’s all a gamble really.

jana I went to their sarit branch and had a LENGTHY discussion with one of the sales person (guy called Anthony aka Tony aka tosh) manz knew his stuff. I raised ALL my concerns about repairs, free delivery (to include kupandishiwa hadi 5th floor bc wuehhh​:upside_down_face:), installation, demo (?? bc that’s sth I’d be interested in), warranty (2yrs on the other parts, 25 YEARS on the motor so that’s basically till I die​:laughing:)

the fridge I wanted was out of stock. so Tony will hmu when they’re back. so overall decision, I guess am buying the :eight: kg haier front load washing machine. :woozy_face:


Tuseme utanunulia wajukuu :joy: :joy: :joy:

Reminds me of a DVD player my big brother and I bought back in 2008. It was a Philips model and it came with a 36 months warranty. The longest of any electronic device on the market at that time.

We didn’t have enough cash and gambled with our bus fare. My big brother was against it, but I refused and insisted on it. Akasema we will trek back home na mimi nitabeba. I said deal.

Let me just say, we watched our friend’s VCDs, DVDs, Hometheaters, etc. fail to read VCDs/DVDs that our Philips would read. Others would break down, especially LGs had a bad reputation. Our crib was packed with pals all the time because the DVD never failed. Free movies!

Let me just say, the Philips DVD is still there but retired because technology overtook it a long time ago. It takes the number one spot for the best pieces of tech that we’ve ever owned.

The next thing you should do is check for the cons before buying just to be sure you can deal with the problems.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m dead


Hello…any reviews on Armco Washing machine…they have a 10 Yr warranty on the Motor

It’s black Friday, Carrefour has an offer of 20% off of any electronic or Kitchen appliance valid only today 25th Nov 2022. e.g an 8kg LG Washing Machine worth 93,995/= you get it at 76,196/=


Yeah saw that … If only I had money…

Seen a TCL washing machine with Direct drive at Housewives paradise…anyone have any experience with the brand?

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