Washing machines and brands you can trust

Recently, I have been contemplating on getting a washing machine for my mama. My biggest question concerns a popular brand Ramtons as their prices are friendly for anything especially with a drier. One thing I do know is plastic machines break down so soon – am definitely not going for that.
Guys! Anyone with experience on these machines kindly advice on a good brand and may I also know their efficiency from your usage.

There is a time I did a little research on washing machines… but I didn’t buy any😁. I learned that you should consider side loading rather than top load since they use less water and clean better. Also, for low budget, consider LG…

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I am interested to know why you didn’t.

Go for LG, they are silent and durable and they don’t have belts and pulleys that always break in other machines, they are not cheap though, go for their 7kg ,1,200 rpm machine only with no drier, it will cost you about 58k but you will be set for about 15 years, the drum is huge compared to kina Samsung, an LG with drier is about 110k, not worth it since the clothes come out almost dry you just need to air them for 30 minutes.
Also don’t make the mistake most make of using handwashing soap in the machine you will be disappointed.


We are getting somewhere. That’s something I did not know. It will be in my check list for machines to avoid.
For detergent, I know there is a special detergent for washing machines.

I am interested in this thread,following…

With international washing machine brands coming in also courtesy of carrefour, isn’t it time we considered the less known brands in those areas that are going to be less expensive? Nikai, hyundai, daewoo, My favourite one is boss because of its international ratings. Also thinking about getting one.

Haier, sharp, Siemens, and Panasonic are also less known but have very good machines, why I would recommend LG is because they have local support and repair centers, Samsung also do but they are unreliable and breakdown after a short time.
Von Hotpoint also have really good machines but their inverter models cost almost the same as LG so I would go with the big brand

How does Von Hotpoint compare to Ramtons? Unfortunately as one @kiharajon said, LG is good because it has no pulleys and belts that break easily and fast, the Ramtons I was eyeing has all those.

@kiharajon is it all LG machines that don’t have belts and pulleys or particular ones? That is something that i had not considered during my research.

I don’t think so but this LG FH2G7QDY5 does not have belts. The drum is connected directly to the motor and it has a variety of movements for best washing.

All LG washers are inverter type, Direct drive, Von hotpoint has a good 7kg one going for 58k inverter type with no pulleys, but LG has the same 7kg at 58,500/-.
I did alot of reserch before going for LG I got the one @Deno05 quoted above the LG FH2G7QDY5 it’s made in egypt .
1-Drum size- you might find a 6kg drum bigger than an 8kg drum depending on the manufacturer, when I got mine I noticed the drum sizes were equal for 7,8,9 and 10 kg washers.
2-Service- get one with local support, LG, samsung, Von, Ramtons (this has major issues, I do not recommend) bosch (if you have lots of money) .
3-Motor type, there is the belt and pulley old style motors then there is the DC inverter motor direct drive
samsung, LG, von and haier all have this but except for LG you might need to check for others.
4-Noise the cheaper the noisier a machine is especially von, the whole plot will know you are doing laundry
mine is very quiet.
5-spin speed, don’t be fooled by spin speeds 1,200 RPM is more than enough for any laundry, I have seen a model called CANDY with 1,800 RPM for 52k, mine is 1,200 RPM and does just fine.
6-Too much tech- avoid fully loaded machines or expect motherboard issues very soon, I saw some wifi connected sijui nfc, etc stick to simple wash rinse and spin with a few basic cycles, you will get atleast 20 years service.
7-Heater avoid the machines with two water inlets hot and cold, it means it has no inbuilt heater, most of the ones with one cold inlet have an inbuilt heater which is great for towels and baby stuff or bedbug ridden bedsheets.
8-Colour- don’t go with white they look too generic, silver or black is abit more stylish.
9–Don’t buy a washer dryer they don’t wash or dry well, if you want a dryer as well get a good machine then buy a cheap dryer ramtons has a dryer for 39k.

For those who think washing machine is expensive or a waste of money, it’s not you don’t have to soak your clothes for 4 days or wash your sheets once per month or have a mama come to your house on sunday morning when you have a hangover.
it’s satisfying to toss in dirty clothes and get almost dry clean clothes, plus if you get a machine with steam function you don’t have to iron your clothes just throw them in for 5 minutes and they come out fresh and wrinkle free.
Power consumption is not an issue I noticed a cycle going for about 90 minutes takes less than one unit of power, water ndio kabisa, you even wonder if the machine is using enough water.
Kwa hayo machache number ya mpesa iko wazi


I think my problem is solved.
With your advice and the lots of research and learning, I can now go out to look for a machine.
I don’t know how to appreciate this much and important info you have given. I highly appreciate.

The LG FH2G7QDY5 is a good buy i hope its still in the market i want to get one for my small upcoming family. Question is, do i get it fromTuskyz or Housewives Paradise ama zote ni sawa. Just hoping LG haina counterfeits. And does the country it’s “made in” matter?

I also have a question, installation is it a DIY or do i need a plumber?

You may you may not. Fixing is pretty easy because it has pipes already. You could fix it to your tap directly and figure out where to put the drain.

:joy::joy::joy: I wonder why they are so expensive… do we tax European companies more or is it just hype?

We have LG in the house. I’m not sure about the model number but it’s quiet and uses cold water so the electricity bill stays sane.

get it from tuskys the last time I checked it was 58,500/-

I wonder why and most still use the old motors and belts.
I installed myself it’s pretty simple but you need someone else that thing is heavy
then you need a spirit level to have it straight otherwise mtapitana nayo mlangoni ikienda due to vibration