Warning - Disable auto form-filling

Auto form-filling - you know, when your browser automatically fills in forms for you based on previous entries, eg. Name:, Email:, Address:, etc. - has become dangerous: some unscrupulous sites are gathering more information than you think using ‘hidden’ form fields which your browser fills in without you seeing.

So, for example, while you may think (and see) that only your name and email has been ‘auto-filled’, all your other details are also filled - phone number, address, credit card (FFS!) - anything you’ve previously entered on a form somewhere else.

So go into your browser settings, and turn the auto-filling of forms off

Careful out there - the bad guys are watching :wink:

Damn! Another convenience misused by people who don’t go to church.

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Hehehe :sweat_smile:

Don’t go to church you say…

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