vTallyApp - Mobile tallying center

vTally is an online application that helps aspirants to monitor election results and voting day events from polling stations.
vTally comprises of two modules;

  1. Web portal - this is a web portal accessible from web browser to view election results and also manage agents attached to an aspirant.
  2. Android application - this is an android application that an aspirant can use to view results posted by his/her agents.the aspirant can also add agents.

Your thoughts?

Quick question, how will you get the results that you will be aggregating?

The results will be sent by the candidate agents at each polling station

How will you verify that the agents are sending the correct numbers?

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So this app only works ONCE every 5 years?

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Yes, though it can be used in a by-election

Note that as a candidate you select trusted agents, so the results will be based on mutual trust with your agents.
Agent will also submit the scanned copy of results form

Security measures of the app?

I think it is a great app. It helps to ease the process of tabulating results from a pen and paper.

Thank you for your positive feedback

We will transmit results in an encrypted format also transmission is through https

Great UI. I honestly hope an aspirant somewhere can take advantage of this app.

Monetization plans?

Thank you for for the feedback, you can help us spread the word.

Governor - 25,000.00
Senator - 20,000.00
Women Rep. - 20,000.00
MP - 10,000.00
MCA - 5,000.00

Note: We are selling the service not the application

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Wacha IEBC ifanye kazi for free.

Note we are not doing the work of IEBC, we are just giving the candidate an option to monitor how things are going at their own comfort

So you mean, I, (for example) MCA wa Techweez, (call dibs) I hire agents who Call/SMS me the information and I just weka kwa Excel sheet and it does magic for me. Then I pay you? How?

@BoazKE kindly just read on the initial post on how it works. You can also get more information on google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amugox.vtally

Funny how you can’t explain it to me, and you expect our illiterate electorate to understand.

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@BoazKE thank you for your feedback, we do appreciate.

I place dibs on Governor