Voice and video calling everywhere

Now that there is voice and video calling almost on every social app you can think of, do all these options make you do voice calls or video calls over apps more? You know, how we used to wish we had unlimited Skype back in the day? When did you last do a video call?

Have you done a video call over a phone line? I have so many questions because as for me the only time I’ve used them is when I or someone close has traveled, and phone calls aren’t exactly an option. This week Telegram rolled out video calls on desktop and I see no excitement about that. I only tried it to confirm that it works and that’s it.

What does it look like for you? Also don’t forget the other questions.

By phone line do you mean video call by calling the number directly from phone without the use of third party apps? If yes, well I have tried several times and the response was, phone number I’m calling does not support video calls. Tried to ask Safaricom to sort it out but it has never worked. Tried it between my A7 2016 and my brother’s Note 5.

For apps, I do it all the time. My sister is in Saudi Arabia and we use iMO since what’s app are blocked from providing video/voice calling in the country. On the other hand, my bother is a sales representative and he travels a lot too. At times he video calls on iMO and we talk

I will try out telegram and see.

You’re correct that’s what I meant. I’m not sure video calling on phone line has worked for me as well. Your use cases for calling via apps is same as mine, for international calls.

Seems 4G won’t do video calls over the phone line.

yep,mostly international calls

Last time tried making a video call directly to another number was back in 2011 when i had this baby, LG GU285 slide phone.

Used to love it coz it was 3G, but Huawei Ideos still humbled me :grinning:
Back then I think it was 6 bob per minute

Video Call on messaging apps? Have you guys tried Duo? I love it!

i had no one to call on Duo so i uninstalled it.

What is a Duo? :joy::joy::joy:

I prefer Duo due to its quality. I have managed to convert people over to it.

Hahahaha… No comment on that one

After trying Skype, Imo, Hangouts and Duo with my friend abroad, Whatsapp Video Call takes the crown for me both quality wise and its ease of just using the persons contact directly without the need of usernames or emails. Plus who doesn’t have whatsapp installed on their phones, the rest of the apps you have to request the reciever to install them before making the video call.

Any update on this? There was excitement when WhatsApp calls came, it was not the same for Messenger, Duo or Telegram.

Not yet let me download it asap and try it. Give me an hour two.

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I have tried it out but I can’t see any option to make a video call. The voice calls are clear and much better than What’s App. The quality is the same as iMO.

Just realized there is no video call on Telegram, what happened recently is voice call availability on desktop.

I use whatsapp video calls daily to communiCate with my girlfriend ever since i came to kisumu quality is fine on both video and voice calls
Used skype too a while back in communication with bro in uk though had connectivity issues, video quality is at per on skype one connected proper

I use whatsapp voice calls and it was amazing a few months ago, even after one exhausts their unlimiNET and is on the tethered speed. Whatsapp by default uses very low data for voice calls.

This year everything changed. Airtel’s unlimiNET feels congested - like Zuku in Buru or Donholm or one of those overly populated areas. 4G can’t get here soon enough if anything to ease congestion. One friend remarked today that 4G might end up being Safaricon’s 3.75G (they’re naturally skeptical)

Last i checked iMessage still beats whatsapp on clarity so unless whatsapp improves on quality - their approach of over compressing everything hurts quality - it might not catch up with Apple

Try iMo the audio quality is great. What’s App the voice of the person you are talking to is not natural. iMO the voice is so natural loud and crystal clear. I’m not sure about Data usage since I purchase Orange’s 400MB @50bob and video call with my sister for like one hour. Bundle balance naonaga nikama haijatumika sana like 50~70MB hivi.

iMessage is a data hog…and again iOS is not as popular, in my case i can only call 2 people who have iMessage

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