Vivo Mobile is now in Kenya. Will they succeed?

If you have been following things, Vivo (the smartphone company and not the clothing store) announced in 2017 that they would be expanding operations to a number of countries and on that list happened to be Kenya.

Well, they have done it as the company has offices at Chaka Place along Argwings Kodhek. Big question is, do you think Vivo will be able to beat TECNO and Infinix in what we can only describe as “their territory”?

They will… Xiaomi should also do the same

I think they can only threaten Tecno/Infinix but chances are they can’t beat them.

Of course I would love to see Tecno/Infinix overtaken by any new smartphone brand out there!

Xiaomi tried and failed. Those are old broken drums that I doubt will ever beat again!

It all comes down to pricing. TECNO and Infinix win it coz of their favourable Price to Features ratio.