Virtual Reality Headsets and Smartwatches never got mainstream

The way Virtual Reality headsets had hit the market a many months ago you’d have thought that in late 2018 these would be mainstream like smartphones. Same as smartwatches, but they seem to have slowed down.

I was actually foreseeing a time when I would be using these at home for cheap, but this seems to have lost track, and they are going back. This is even after Google’s Daydream/Cardboard came in to try standardize the experience. For context, I have both Samsung VR headset, the first gen, and Alcatel Idol 4 VR headset that came as the phone box, but can’t use it because they were restricted to some now dated phones.

Or maybe I was just in a bubble, and I am now in the real world. Was there hope for this space?

Nah,i think its a failed space for now.The tech is incredible but even i have had a hard time getting my hands on these units.VR could have taken off if smartphones where sold with the cardboard added as a free accessory and if the VR headsets were cheap,we talking like 3k cheap…Nywa smartwatches also had a lot of promise,esp android wear,but for such affordability is very important,it could also have taken off if each manufacturer built his/her own smartwatch brand with android wear and added it as an accessory thats either sold at a subsidized rate or given out for free,also some of these android manufacturers could really use experience centres like what apple and samsung are doing…if people can see how some of these products are utilized and get to try them out for free,maybe that could lead to more sales…In all honesty,i want both but nothing compels me seek them out.

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I’m with you on hio point ya smartwatches. They’re good but definitely not worth the price esp when you consider how limited they are in what they offer.

I think they are slowly gaining momentum. Thinking of ordering a PSVR and probably a Garmin Watch sometime in the near future …

VR Never stuck the landing at all lakini smart watches have hit to varying extents. Android wear has been MIA lakini I’ve been seeing the Apple Watch has been on nearly everyone’s wrists every time I travel abroad.

Creating VR content isn’t cost effective as yet + the resources needed to render the content aren’t readily available on all devices. Facebook (followed by YouTube) would be the biggest driver for VR to go mainstream, as they have the platform & reach to introduce the most users with the least effort.

Perhaps another 3-5 more years before it starts being popular. Playstation 5 might also help if they bake VR into the hardware on launch vs selling accessories later.