Vilcom Fiber, great so far

My dad moved and got connected to Mtaani Fiber, kept complaining of slow speeds, plus their customer service is just bad. After months of kuvumilia a new provider Vilcom Fiber moved to the area and dad got connected to their 30mbps package. It’s been a month so far and honestly this provider is reliable, their speeds have been consistent with minimal downtimes. Everytime I visit I end up extending my stay lol

Interesting thing is they get their internet from Telkom Kenya


Wait till more people get connected that’s when the level of service is bound to take a pounding…

This is my fear too but let’s wait and see

Interesting as they cover Ongata Rongai and have no FUPs. Maybe I’ve found a solution for a failover connection.

Would be interested to see tests during “high” usage times(evenings and weekends?) …I also understand it’s a long holiday for kids.
If you have an RPI laying around you could connect it and run tests using ansible or a py script or If you have a router/swtich/firewall that has such capabilities

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Agreed, wait and watch till other hoards it.

Adding to this could you find out who their upstream or tier 2 ISP is?
Simply do a

traceroute --as-path-lookups

Then seach the ASXXXXX you get …

@Adrian_Teri Currently don’t have a Pi but let me see what I can do

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What’s their contention ratio? Anything above 3:1 is a throw.

I asked about this earlier and they said they don’t have any contention ratio or capping. This is a first, coz yenyewe bro tells me their net so far has had very minimal downtime.

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Seems promising up till now.

Info on this …

Their upstream is & CMI China Mobile International …

WIOCC has a 10G link at #KIXP

CMI has 10G links at both #KIXP and Asteroid Mombasa…

Also interesting there is no #FUP language anywhere. However, these unlimited* makes me think otherwise …

Addendum: Added China Mobile Telecom as the other Upstream of Vilcom Networks

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Yes, and no contention ratios. What a deal.

Do a speed test on and run pick multiple international servers like in UK, US etc… That way you’ll see the true international speed. Local servers will always give you full speed.