Views on Xiaomi Foldable Phone

What are your views on the Xiaomi Foldable Phone? Won’t it be heavy and unable to withstand a large number of bends?

All the foldable phones at the moment are a gamble with money, not Samsung, Huawei or even Motorola is a sure bet. Second iteration is a place one can consider, after current devices have done a year and any improvements have been done.
This is such a drastic form factor shift.

Foldable phones have yet to prove their usecases in the market plus first generation products tend to be terrible and need more iterations/improvements before they become suitable for daily use.

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I agree, first gen foldables are not worth the money. Manufacturers are clearly still gambling at this point. In the future when the technology has been refined, you can then buy your foldable phone without any worries.

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