Value for Money-or so I think

What are some of the things, gadgets or service one can acquire using less than Ksh. 1000 than can greatly help or you deem them as cool?

A Wiko Lubi something. I have the Lubi 3 but I know it has since had a more capable successor. It should be on Jumia. It’s my as @kiruti calls it, “turn-up phone”. You know, the one device you go out at night with since Nairobi is a hotbed of other things. It costs between Ksh 800 and 900 depending on where you buy it. Or it could be a backup phone incase your smartphone “dies” on you since it’s battery can last up to a week. I wouldn’t deem it as cool but it’s handy as it does its job just fine.

Ksh 900 is also what it cost me to buy a Logitech M100 wired mouse. I checked online user reviews on Amazon and elsewhere (can’t remember where) before making the purchase and they were mostly negative. Surprisingly, I’ve not had any issues since buying it. It works just fine as I wait to get a wireless one.

You can look for a vibrating spoon on Amazon. It’s supposed to vibrate so you eat slowly, and it’s for those with weight problems. It’s like $10

Turn up phone… That’s pretty handy. Lol.

so, I decided to compile a list of things I own or seen, I hope it will help someone.

The list is not exhaustive, and will not indicate the pricing. The prices will however not by pass the Ksh. 1000 mark.

  1. USB male to female extension.
  2. Supplementary ethernet cable.
  3. LED bulbs that change colour sequentially
  4. bluetooth mouse
  5. remote controlled tarantula.
  6. Awei earphones(quality sound )
  7. OTG cable.
  8. USB hub with power switches.
  9. glow in the dark toilet strip.
  10. finger laser beams.

some services that one can get:

  1. Airtel’s unliminet monthly offer.
  2. Unlimited internet (some environments)