Vacuum cleaner recommendations


My hand-me-down vacuum cleaner (bagless) is starting to fall apart and I think it is time to get a new one. I have been doing some research online but most models reviewed don’t seem to be available in Kenya.

I would really appreciate your help picking one.

Budget = ~15k
Floor Type = Tiled.

Tembea Game store pale garden city and check out their offers… They also sell sub 10k vacuum cleaners that are not bad in my opinion…

I have a Von 2000 watt one got it for 12,000 about 3 years ago I have abused and misused it on some of my construction sites, so if you don’t mind the brand it’s the best locally available.

Naishi Mombasa Road. That is extremely far.

Might it be this one from Hotpoint.

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nice discussion is going on, it is really helpful. thanks alot for your suggestions.

Let me bring this topic back to life. I am in the market for a Vacuum cleaner. Need something that can clean both the floor and the seats (thanks to pets in the house). I had thought of getting a smart vacuum cleaners, but the issue is cleaning the seats.

If any of you guys actually have any recommendations and suggestions, I will really appreciate.

Go buy Bennett Read vacuum cleaner. Got mine for around 14k on Game Store. The thing can even suck water (if you remove the filter) in case you flood your floor. Suction is on point.

Thanks for this recommendation. Let me ask, why is it necessary to remove the filter?

Water will combine with dust and form mud, hence making it difficult for the air to pass through… in my opinion. Will read the manual later and see if they mention the reason

Thanks man

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