Using Spotify in Kenya

Hey Guys, anyone else tried using Spotify Chrome website. I have been having a great experience by logging in with my facebook account for the last 3 days. Previously it just declined to work on the basis of being in an unsupported country.

Thought I would share probably can spice up your music life.

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just get the PC app, its better

Haven’t had any issue on desktop via Chrome. On the Android app is where all the trouble is. Luckily, Proton VPN come through. I highly recommend this VPN. It’s the best free VPN.

the PC app wont work beacuse it will detect I am not in USA as my profile states :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

lemme try it out though they always somehow detect I am on a VPN

mine always works, i use vpn only when am loggin in.

Use VPN to log in. Adds you a couple weeks this way. One is allowed to use Spotify for 14 days outside their registered/recognized country

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Used the paid version never regreted.
Spotify has different pricing for different regions, Philippines being the cheapest.
So if you can just get a 6 Month Spotify Code, last time checked it was $25 for all the 6 months premium, you are good to go ~ Login from anywhere/any IP, no Ads


Curious how you came to this conclusion.

This has never worked for me. In my quest to find an alternative to Deezer, I tried subscribing Spotify premium (They still send me a $0.99 for 3 months offer) and it failed, even when using vpn. It’s like it needs the debit card being used to be registered in its approved location. So I just use the free version of Spotify when I want to discover new music, and download new tracks for offline listening in Deezer.

its too much hustle that why I have stuck to the chrome website

That’s true.
I had to find a hacky way to get the premium. Here is what I did.

  1. Get a VPN that supports Philippines ~ I used HMA , sadly wasn’t free
  2. Sign up for Spotify while using VPN (Have a Philippines IP) ~ extremely important
  3. Buy a GiftCard / Voucher Code from a site like this one.
  4. Go to spotify and paste the code you are given. The codes have different durations 1 month , 3 months, 6 months
  5. Profit …Enjoy Spotify premium from anywhere without the need of a VPN

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